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Launched in 2016, Zombie Station: Train to Busan – 95% was a huge success for South Korean cinema. The shock was such that a Hollywood remake was announced some time ago, nothing unusual in the way of American producers, always eager to remake a foreign hit as they please. For TIME magazine, Sang-ho Yeon, director of the film, shares his expectations with the remake and maintains that it must be a completely original product that does not take the argument presented a few years ago at face value. years.

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Train to Busan tells the story of a senior executive who takes his daughter to her mother’s house. It all seems like a journey like any other until just before the train leaves for its destination, a zombie apocalypse breaks out in South Korea. Now the father and daughter are trapped, so they must find a way to survive with those on the train and reach Busan, where the apocalypse has not yet arrived. The film was a complete worldwide success and helped empower the Hallyu wave in South Korea.

Sang-ho, who became a star in South Korea and abroad after showcasing his zombie adventure, has given his opinion on the Hollywood remake. Here are his recent statements:

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We use the term or the word “remake”, but I don’t think a remake is something that you just apply more sophisticated technology based on an original work. I think a remake should be a completely new creation. And as the creator of the original work, I don’t think there should be any similarities between the remake and the original Train to Busan. In fact, I hope you have your own unique qualities and a new vision. In fact, as the creator, if it was performed almost exactly in relation to the original work, wouldn’t it be better to see the original Busan Train?

American remakes are no longer rare with the general public. Hollywood is always on the hunt for global hits that it can take home in the form of new adaptations, but for Sang-ho things should be different with Train to Busan. The director hopes that the minds behind the project will know how to bring original touches to the product, his illusion extends to such a perspective:

I think the new creation will definitely be something that maintains the vision of the new director, and my personal hope is that the new remake doesn’t really reference or think too much about being faithful to the original work, but rather that it is. is a completely new creation.

South Korean series and films have impacted the American market for several years, some with surprising reach. Examples of the above are parasites – 100% and the squid game – 100%, that although they belong to completely different fields, they have made their way into everyone’s mouths. The former has secured places of honor in awards season and will even have a remake on HBO, while the latter has reached every home possible thanks to the Netflix platform. Now Train to Busan It will have its own remake and fans of the zombie genre are very aware of all the details.

Hollywood adaptation of Train to Busan Will it be able to offer something different beyond what we’ve seen in the zombie genre? Series like The Walking Dead – 89% have used the genre and there is already a lot that surprises fans. Only time will tell if the remake has what it takes to stand out on the billboard.

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