Your little one immediately knows the difference between their favorite stuffed animal and an “impostor”.

This clever toddler was almost immediately able to tell the difference between his favorite stuffed animal and an identical “impostor”!

Britt Linton (@britt_linton) is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable toddler, Bella Rae. In a recent video, Britt presented Bella with two identical stuffed animals. One was Bella’s beloved stuffed bunny, and the other was an identical but recently purchased bunny. In the video, the talented little girl is immediately able to identify her beloved bunny!

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The video begins with a shot of Bella wearing pink starfish pajamas. “Which is a real rabbit?” Britt asks the toddler. “Is it this one or this one?” »

Britt gives Bella a stuffed bunny. The bunny is white with pink cheeks and a pink belly. “Try this one,” Britt says as the toddler grabs the bunny and hugs him to his chest.

“She can’t sleep without [her] bunny, so we bought him another one just in case,” a caption read.

The toddler kisses the bunny, then looks up at his mother in confusion. Britt hands her a second rabbit, asking, “Or is it this one?”

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Bella grabs the second bunny and hugs them, holding them close to her face. She presses her face against the second bunny and inhales. Then she repeats this process with the first rabbit. Bella immediately lets go of the first bunny and hugs the second to her chest. “Yeah, that’s it!” exclaims the toddler as his mother laughs.

On-screen captions reveal that Bella picked the right bunny easily! The video ends as Britt continues to laugh and Bella gives the stuffed bunny a big hug.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler and shared their own parenting tips!

“I would start breaking the replacement. I 100% switch between two a day so they each get ‘smelly,'” one parent advised.

“My daughter has 2 blankets. We need to use both equally so she doesn’t make a difference,” another parent explained.

“Aww, she is the cutest. don’t try [tricking] a child with his favorite toy. They always know! Another TikToker wrote.

When it comes to her stuffed bunny, Bella really can’t be fooled!

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