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Huck, otherwise known as Jennifer Mallick, spent Season 1 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond lying about her story. Here’s what we know about Huck’s story.

Here’s what we know about Huck / Jennifer Mallick The Walking Dead: The World Beyond story so far. When World beyondThe so called “Endlings” began their long and dangerous journey from Campus Colony to New York, Annet Mahendru’s Huck was one of the few with zombie apocalypse survival skills. Friend of Hope and Iris Bennett and close confidant of Felix, Huck is a trusted ally and helpful person to have with her … until she is no longer. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond The Season 1 finale revealed that Huck had been lying from the start, secretly reporting to the Civic Republic Army as a spy.

By the time The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 begins, Huck reclaims his real name, Jennifer Mallick, and comes back to life among his fellow CRM soldiers. Given that much of Huck’s Season 1 character and storyline was a fabricated cover story, World beyond Season 2 gives viewers their first glimpse of Jennifer’s character without the mask, and a whole new context emerges. Combining the details of the two seasons of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, what do we know about Huck’s story?

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Jennifer Mallick was born to an English mother, Elizabeth Kublek, who moved to the United States in her capacity as Defense Department attaché. The identity of Jennifer’s father (probably where the name “Mallick” comes from) is unknown, but Elizabeth suggests he was estranged from the family long before the dead began to revive. Despite her English roots, Huck’s accent confirms that she was raised in America (Elizabeth suggests Albany, NY) and joined the US Marines in her late teens / early twenties, reaching the rank of Lance Corporal. In The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1, Huck refers to a mission to “the devil’s collar“, which proves that she served in Afghanistan. At the time of the outbreak, Lance Corporal Mallick was back on American soil to help early efforts to contain the undead apocalypse. Her unit received the order to stop the infection by shooting innocent civilians, but Mallick turned on his comrades and prevented the massacre.

Annet Mahendru as Huck Jennifer in Walking Dead World Beyond

Sometime after her violent resignation from the Marines, Jennifer Mallick reunited with her mother, who may already have been in the RCN at this point. In The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1, Elizabeth hinted that the watch her husband left somehow brought her together to Jennifer. However, they found themselves, Lance Corporal Mallick was inducted into his mother’s CRM as a private, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. Two years before the start of The Walking Dead: The World BeyondIn the timeline of, an incident occurred involving Dennis, Jennifer’s husband (in Season 2, Episode 3, he has a ring on his appropriate finger). The nature of his crime has not yet been revealed, but Jennifer has tried to make amends for Dennis’ actions, which apparently caused injuries to people. The transgression shocked the superiors of the CRM, and Huck was sent on a secret mission to Omaha as punishment. This is where the truth of Huck’s story begins to merge with his lies.

“Huck” was picked up by Omaha security forces floating down the Missouri River on a raft, suffering from a broken arm and suspected memory loss. She was honest about her military background, but claimed that she had lived in the wild “for years“and that his mother died before the outbreak. To gain Omaha’s trust, Huck broke his arm, scarred his face (much like his fellow Marines, Drake), and spent days floating on the raft before arriving in town and assimilating into the community as a spy. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond season 2, Elizabeth alludes to “Success“in Omaha, but Huck’s main mission apparently was to infiltrate the satellite colony of Campus Colony and bring the prodigiously intelligent Hope Bennett to the CRM. World beyond Season 2 conversation between Elizabeth and Indira, the latter reveals that Huck’s undercover stints at Omaha and Campus Colony lasted around 2 years.

Several big questions remain about Huck in The Walking Dead: The World Beyond. Most urgent is what she and Dennis did to royally anger the CRM so badly that redemption was only possible via a dangerous 2 year mission in foreign territory. Other question marks still hang over where Huck’s father went, how she found her mother after the zombie outbreak began, and what spy work Huck did in Omaha, which is mysteriously redacted from the CRM report.

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