Winner and where is he now ??

‘Only’ is an exhilarating unscripted endurance TV show that pits seasoned survivors against the outrageous risks of nature. Being completely deserted in a faraway region and then enduring is the test that every competitor faces. Finally, the last human remaining in nature is delegated the fantastic champion of Alone Season 8. On its own, a survival show that made its unprecedented debut for 2016 has since been a triumph and exceptionally famous among people who appreciate survival shows. The organization of the show has 10 people who are projected into nature where they have to endure alone.

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In addition, the hopes that will come through will be those who will win the title of the show. This year the Alone Season 8 started on June 3, 2021. This season the show is named Alone: ​​Grizzly Mountain which is the place where the people must fight for endurance. Hayes clay conquered natural hazards and succeeded in Single season 8. The first choice of fans early on, Clay has shown ability and accurate information as he continues to seek stamina. We should find out where the Veteran Survivor is from now on, right?

Clay Hayes: Alone Voyage Season 8

Clay hayes interest in wilderness and survivalism began at an unusually young age. He grew up in the country of Florida and learned the fundamentals of hunting, fishing and capture from his early teens. Moreover, despite the fact that he agreed to work as a researcher on natural life. Clay came to be drawn to the craft of making rudimentary bows and bows and arrows. Therefore, to keep up with his enthusiasm, he gave up his job and devoted his life to the investigation of arrow weapons. This helped him to become a specialist archer and bow craftsman.

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While on the shores of Lake Chilko at Alone Season 8 A.K.A ‘Alone: ​​Grizzly Mountain. ‘ Clay observed a use of the mastery skills he had honed since his youth and rushed in search of the water and the sanctuary. Despite having difficulty finding food at first, Clay figured out how to kill a deer, which set him up for the rest of the season. Indeed, even as his related survivors began to withdraw. Clay remained strong and dedicated to his goal of enduring.

Dirt took whatever the savage threw at it and figured out how to beat all the obstructions. Additionally, being in the Grizzly Mountains, suitors would watch out for bears. Then again, Clay showed exceptional courage when he went in search of the bear and surprisingly persevered when he charged him. In the end, Clay Hayes paid 74 days and was the season winner.

Where’s Clay Hayes now?

Clay Hayes is currently an expert tracker and archer. Before showing up on ‘Only, ‘Clay was well known to be a specialist in the raw archer. He even uploaded recordings to the web and organized classes to give his opinion on bows. Since his ‘Only’ trip, Clay’s notoriety grew tenfold, and he was also featured on many high distributions.

In addition, expert bowyer also participated as a visitor in a few webcasts, shows and recordings to talk about his experience and information. Clay’s YouTube channel has also grown completely and he is currently uploading standard recordings on basic instincts and bow production exercises. Plus, he actually runs his much sought-after classes on making bows and bows and arrows.

As of now, Clay, his better half Liz, and two children live on a property near Lewiston in northern Idaho. Her better half offers her affection for nature, and together the family repeats economic life by hunting, fishing, foraging and farming. Clay and Liz also try to teach their children affection for nature and bushcraft. With Clay uploading standard footage of his workouts, friends, and family via web media, it’s exquisite to watch the close bond his family shares.

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