Why are TikTokers warning viewers about Jasmine White 403?

TikTokers around the world are warning viewers about Jasmine White 403, saying they shouldn’t search for her. Here’s everything we know about why they’re doing this.

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has hosted a wide variety of viral, video and trending creators.

Besides the For You page, another way videos can go viral on the platform is for other people to upload videos that reference yours – a recent example being that Sam Postar went viral after fans left comments on other videos saying he should be banned.

Now TikTokers are warning viewers of Jasmin White 403 – leaving many wondering why they’re doing it. Here’s everything we know.

TikTokers warns Jasmine White 403

With over 135 million views, the Jasminewhite403 hashtag is full of videos from TikTokers warning not to search for the creator’s name.

However, many of the videos give no context as to why…causing many people to search for his name anyway.

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Jasmine White 403 TikTok Video

With millions of people warning about Jasmine White’s 403 video, many are wondering what it’s really all about.

Uploaded on June 13, 2022, Jasmine’s video shows her eating a whole fish without removing any skin.

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After watching her video, viewers shared their thoughts in the comments. One TikToker said, “I’m a little disappointed, to be honest.”

While another regretfully commented: “I should have stayed curious.”

Almost all of the other comments echo similar thoughts – that the video isn’t as bad as they thought.

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