What it really means to win a season alone


Many competitors each season could not get through the harsh conditions of the wilderness. Fears about bears and wolves, starvation, weight loss, gastrointestinal pain and injury are just a few of the reasons the contestants have pulled out. Some of them just couldn’t bear to be alone and found that they missed their family and partner too much to continue. Despite the immense pressures the candidates face, a few have been able to meet all of Mother Nature’s challenges.

According to Cinema addict, season 3 winner Zachary Fowler survived 87 days in the Patagonian wilderness and used some of the money to buy a new car for his wife, pay off debts and even plan to build a house. Zachary went on to have a successful YouTube channel where he teaches wilderness survival tips. Season 6 winner Jordan Jonas survived 77 days in the Northwest Territories of Canada, and he also has his own successful YouTube channel where he teaches courses on survivalism. Her biggest lesson from “Alone” (via Story) was that even though he was free from distractions and had time with his thoughts, he realized that there is not much more important in life than spending time with his family and being with loved ones.

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