Troy Aikman would like to be on the microphone for the Cowboys game

Fox broadcaster Troy Aikman was unimpressed with the NFC wildcard game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday afternoon. Although the Bucs are experiencing a growing number of injuries to key players, they trampled on the Eagles, winning 31-15 and keep Philly scoreless until the fourth quarter.

Blowouts are fun for fans of the winning team, but non-competitive play is no fun for broadcasters. The Eagles, led by quarterback Jalen Hurts, have been awful. Aikman, who was calling the game with Joe Buck, made it clear he wasn’t happy he was assigned to this one-game miss instead of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.

Aikman and Buck are Fox broadcasters, so they had no choice but to call the game that was airing on Fox. The 49ers-Cowboys game is on CBS and is called by the Jim Nantz-Tony Romo broadcast team.

The NFL adopted the extended wildcard format last year, and it’s worth nothing that this is the second year in a row that CBS and its top team of Nantz and Romo have called an NFC late afternoon wildcard game. . Last year, Nantz and Romo called the late-afternoon game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints, while Buck and Aikman secured the early-window game between the Rams of Los Angeles and the Seattle Seahawks.

Here’s an explanation of how Aikman and Buck ended up calling the least appealing Sunday game:

Troy Aikman had to call the Eagles-Bucs game, which was awful, and said on air that he wanted to call the 49ers-Cowboys game instead. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, Aikman can’t jump in a time machine and stop Fox from getting the rights to the Eagles-Bucs game. He’ll just have to hope that next week’s Fox game is more entertaining. It won’t involve the Eagles, so there’s a good chance it will.

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