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The Trends Journal Top 10 Trends provides forecasting and analysis of a future unprecedented in modern history.

KINGSTON, NY, USA, December 8, 2021 / – Gerald Celente has been forecasting around the world since 1980, and the key socio-economic and geopolitical dynamics that will shape 2022 and beyond – for better and for worse – are among the most critical we’ve ever encountered in our 41 years of forecasting trends.

From battles to win the COVID war to emergence in the METAWORLD, the momentum of the 2022 trend will be felt everywhere. Prepare for a mad race to the future.

The world has entered the COVID 2.0 war, with another round of lockdowns and mandates imposed in many countries around the world. The socioeconomic and geopolitical implications of tackling COVID War 2.0 will affect the lives and livelihoods of billions of people. Here are some of the critical elements that will negatively and positively shape the future …

When the COVID war started and they pushed the Operation Warp Speed ​​vaccines – we predicted there would be a ‘Vax War’. And now, with governments imposing “No jab, no freedom” mandates, an angry and indefatigable minority will fight for their freedom of choice. Prepare for new third party protesters and …

It will not be stagflation that will shape the economies of 2022. It will be DRAGFLATION; Savings decline as inflation rises. How long will it last? Will there be more supply chain disruptions and labor shortages? There will also be political and social consequences such as …

Driven by blockages, warrants and other diktats, as we predict, poverty, homelessness, mental illness, drug use and crime will continue to increase. Trend Journal The publisher, Gerald Celente, offers a solution to the homeless that is financially, morally and humanly more practical than the current system. It’s unique, here it is …

We predict that the migrant crisis in parts of the world would worsen as people escape poverty, crime, violence and government corruption. Beyond the dramatic escalation of anti-immigration and anti-establishment populist movements in the countries they seek refuge in, these are some of the other critical trends that will shape the future of migrants …

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies will sweep industries, households and governments around the world. More and more jobs will be replaced by robotics and AI programs will, indeed, become virtual human beings. For the advancement and decline of the human spirit, these are some of the mega-trends that METAWORLD will create …

Crypto is disrupting the world, governments, central banks, and even established mega-businesses. To capitalize on this megatrend, as El Salvador builds a “Bitcoin city” and makes BTC legal tender, other nations, states and cities will compete for the ranking of the world’s No.1 Crypto Capitol. Are cryptocurrencies a dying fad that governments will abolish … or will Wall Street become the new Crypto Street?

After long periods of decline, unionization will continue to be a dominant trend. The more limited the supply of workers, the stronger the tendency to organize. Will this current trend become a passing fad? And why don’t the masses go back to work? Here are the answers…

After a year of clogged and distorted supply chains, shortages of products ranging from computer chips to corn chips and rising prices in the stratosphere, in 2022 countries will rediscover the need to be SELF-SUFFICIENT. China is leading the way. How do they do ? Will they succeed? Which nations can be successful? This is how the trend will develop, and it is the nations that will be most successful in becoming SELF-SUFFICIENT …

Switching to high technology in cars, trucks, tractors, machinery, equipment and a variety of products has become too expensive, excessive and unproductive. Stimulated in part by supply chain safeguards, there will be a push for less complicated and cheaper components. LOW-TECH SIMPLICITY will be a big winner and an OnTrendpreneur opportunity for those targeting the trend in these industries …

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With 40 years of experience identifying, tracking and forecasting trends, Celente is globally recognized as the # 1 trend forecaster today. Celente has earned a reputation as a trusted name in trends for its many accurate predictions; among them, the stock market crash of 1987, the Asian currency crisis, the bust of in 2000, “Gold Bull Run”, the “panic of 2008 …

Mr. Celente has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS New, Fox, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, France 24 and other major print and broadcast media. Free from political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is “Think for yourself,” observes and analyzes current events forming future trends for what they are, not what they are. ‘he wants them to be.

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