Tijuana Taco Safari: The Best Chili Relleno Tacos in Colonia La Libertad with Ed’s Manifesto

Tijuana’s amazing tacos aren’t just asada and birria, and once you’re ready to dive deeper into Tijuana’s taco scene, look no further than the La Libertad neighborhood, specifically the front yard of “La Güera” on Calle Miguel Guerrero.

For the third episode of our Tijuana Taco Safari, Ed Calderon, the urban survivalist behind the popular Ed’s manifesto account on Instagram, took us to his favorite taco chile relleno located in the colony he grew up in. It’s such a simple and delicious taco that it even makes Ed say “this taco is so good, it should be illegal”.

Climbing up and down the steep, cracked asphalt lined hills of the working-class community, I couldn’t help but ask the natural taco expert how he found this place, which is definitely one of the best tacos I’ve had in Tijuana. Ed’s answer? “Always look for street dogs and crowds outside the venue, it usually means there are good tacos!” Very solid taco scouting logic, from one taco scout to another.

Tacos La Güera is located in its front yard and specializes in crispy chili relleno, chorizo, bistec and tripita tacos on handmade corn tortillas. Of course, with a thick layer of TJ-style guacamole. The salsas are not watered down and are full of flavor. This low-key taco destination in one of the most famous The wedges really do a great job of maintaining that homemade sazón, which is a hard quality to maintain as you scale up your taco production. A friend who joined us on this ride brought a $600 white truffle because #happy and we had an unforgettable taco experience.

Also in this episode, Ed dispels (or proves?) longstanding rumors of places making dog meat tacos in Mexico.

Tacos Chiles Rellenos “La Guera:” C. Miguel Guerrero 12325-12365, Libertad, 22400 Tijuana, British Columbia

Taco Life Pro Tip: Ask for a “Taco Canadiense” for a taco that has a bit of all meat and chili relleno.

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