These are the things you keep in your cars at all times

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Like… normal person stuff or stuff I keep in my car? My car is essentially an extension of my house.

I usually keep the fridge in there, which is mostly stocked with sodas, but sometimes food. If the refrigerator is there, my solar “generator” is also there, usually with a folding panel (although a permanent panel is coming soon on the roof).

I also usually carry what I call the “utility box” which has everything you would need for a day trip or an overnight trip to camp, plus a few other things like first aid, a hammock, down camp blanket, cushion, etc. There’s even spare food in there. At some point I could take off and spend the night comfortably in my truck.

I also usually have my full tool kit (including the 1/2 inch impact).

a starter pack lives there full time

The front side contains a warm cap, 2 pairs of work gloves, a basic hygiene kit (deodorant, toothbrush, etc.), plenty of radio communication equipment, spare batteries for the devices, plugs earplugs, spare headphones, lip balm… stuff like that.

My car is full of things that I wish I had at one time or another when I went out. I hate traveling without my car because I can count on it to have something I need.

You seem almost ready to get away at any moment with this car. It’s admirable – after a long week you can just fly off to the mountains and touch some grass for a weekend, no packing required.

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