The Zombie Thought Experiment That Has So Divided Walking Dead Fans

Calling zombies – or “walkers” – anything other than a nuisance or a threat wouldn’t quite make sense. As wandering mounds of decay with an insatiable hunger for flesh, what redeeming qualities could they have? As proposed by TilionDC on Reddit, it is not impossible to use them as a means of energy. “Would it be possible to put them in hamster wheels to generate infinite electricity? they wrote, prompting members of the “Walking Dead” community to weigh in on the matter.

On one side of the fence, some people think it’s an effective way to keep society running in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Redditor catwoahman recalls that on “Fear the Walking Dead”, walkers helped the survivors of Tank Town extract oil to become fuel. “At least they would be helpful instead of wandering around eating people,” KramItFoo adds, and they make a compelling point. Why not try to get something out of them instead of killing them or leaving them to fend for themselves to potentially make the epidemic worse?

Other members of the “Walking Dead” Reddit community weren’t so keen on turning walkers into undead batteries. Minimalistmacrophage explains that there are ethical, personal and religious issues with this concept, concluding that “generally no stable and benevolent society would accept such practices, to say the least, there would be no exceptions “. Agreeing with this school of thought, Bermanator-Turkey127 notes that not only is this idea morally wrong, but that the smell of rotting walkers is horrible, and their prolonged existence within a community might attract more of them.

Both sides of the aisle make for strong points, but given that few “Walking Dead” settlements have used walkers as a power source, it stands to reason that the zombie battery mob won by a large margin.

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