The Walking Dead: What Rick and Michonne’s New Show Could Be About | Comic-Con 2022

Now that AMC has announced a spin-off starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira as Michonne (the news was released during The Walking Dead’s San Diego Comic-Con panel), the question is where Rick Grimes has gone since leaving the show. in season 9.

During the SDCC panel, it was revealed that the six-episode show will “continue the journey and love story” of Rick and Michonne and debut in 2023, with the possibility of more episodes to come. -of the.

Of course, when he originally left The Walking Dead, the plan was for Lincoln to return for a Rick Grimes “movie” trilogy. It seems unlikely at this point, but at the time of Lincoln’s departure, it was reported that the films would take Rick, and us, to “a whole different corner of the world”, according to EP/screenwriter Scott Gimple, with ” big evolutions of what we’ve done in the series, with scope and breadth of functionality.”

At this point, how can The Walking Dead growing up? We have seen large communities rise up and go to war with each other. We’ve witnessed huge herds, survival camps, dam explosions, and even cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta being overrun by hordes of zombies. So where will it all go next? Let’s think…

To go abroad

We don’t have any specific story in mind, but imagine that the last time we saw him injured and transported by helicopter, Rick was taken out of the whole country. Like, overseas.

For one thing, it would solve the whole “Why doesn’t Rick ever come home?” enigma. Because even though he’s been taken to a few states – shit, even though he’s been taken to Canada – he’s Rick Grimes. There is no question that he decides to let his relatives believe that he is dead. We saw Morgan walk to Texas because he was anxious and crazy. Rick Grimes must be totally unable to find his friends and family. And it could take an ocean.

Additionally, one of the main reasons Andrew Lincoln left the show was that he didn’t like being away from his family and filming in Atlanta nine months out of the year. Wouldn’t it be easier if the new series were filmed elsewhere? Somewhere in or around the UK?

Moving the series to another country would also feed into everything Gimple and Lincoln used to say about movies involving worlds yet unknown, new corners, and things fans have been saying for years that they want to see in a zombie apocalypse. This project is no longer a film series, but it seems safe to say that some of the concepts from the films will find their way into the series. (That’s basically what happened with the Obi-Wan Kenobi show.) Giving us a glimpse of the much larger world outside of North America would be a radical twist.

Plus, there’s really no other explanation why Rick wouldn’t have returned to his daughter Judith by now (other than her death, which obviously won’t).

The treatment

The Walking Dead has long criticized its lack of an endgame. There is no intuitive end point in the established story for this show. Back in Season 1, during a break from the comics, Rick’s team visited the CDC for a while. Nothing came of it except to establish that everyone in the world was infected with a virus that turns them into zombies when they die, no matter how they die.

Another issue that fans and critics sometimes had was the show’s reliance on cheap, smoke-and-mirror-style deception. From Glenn’s fake death to… well, the trickery involving Rick not dying, the show’s cutesy tactics to try to trick its viewers have landed less than ideally.

You are all infected. Also, some of you are probably Russian spies.

What if, to catch up with us, this show offered the zombie plague a real stopping point? That’s not to say it all ends this way, but what if Rick’s adventure involved people trying to find a real cure? This is how you end up ending the whole franchise. Rick was last seen heading to a location that has access to military technology and medical supplies. Maybe it’s a base, maybe it’s a research facility. One thing is certain: this group needs human specimens.

So the show might involve a cure or, at the very least, people searching for one. Either way, it’s the only viable late-game option. Even though the franchise is expected to continue for another decade. Hoping they take this opportunity to make that leap.

This story was originally published in November 2018. It has been updated with the latest information from The Walking Dead universe.

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