The Walking Dead season 11 star explains why Eugene is such a good liar


Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene in AMC’s The Walking Dead, explains why his character is such a good liar and says that “lying is Eugene’s super power.”

Actor Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene on AMC The walking dead, explains why his character is such a good liar. The hit show is based on Robert Kirkman’s hugely popular zombie apocalypse comic series and premiered in 2010. The walking dead11th and final season of started on August 22, and one of the main storylines so far involves Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), the Princess (Paola Lázaro) and Eugene’s imprisonment and interrogation by the Commonwealth.

Eugene has been a world-class liar since his first appearance on the show in Season 4, when he convinced everyone that he was a scientist who knew why the zombie plague started and how to find a cure. He’s always been able to massage the truth to keep himself alive, so it’s no surprise that his talents are on display once again. After having spent a good part of season 11, episode 2, “Acheron: Part II” had the impression that it was going to crack under the pressure of the interrogations of the Commonwealth Mercer (Michael James Shaw), Eugene made a tearful confession, sharing a lot of truthful information – such as his communications with Stephanie and his plans to meet her, and the fact that he is a virgin – while withholding parts he wanted to keep a secret. He covered up the truth about his group’s settlement, but did so in a manner apparently convincing enough for Mercer to allow Eugene and his companions into the Commonwealth.

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In an interview with GE, McDermitt reveals his thoughts on why Eugene is such a talented liar, explaining that “Lying is Eugene’s superpower” and he “has this muscle memory, do whatever I can to survive.” He says Eugene is particularly good at dealing with these “In a position of authority” as Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Read McDermitt’s comments below:

“His friends have been estranged. He doesn’t know what happened to them. And this anxious place he lives in his mind is just getting too much. And it’s going at this point. But Eugene does it well with people who are out there. are in a position of authority. Look at Abraham and Negan. It’s like he sees Mercer as the new alpha male for him that he will then become the beta and survive. It’s like he has that memory. muscular, you just have to do whatever I can to survive. And he weaves that thread somehow. He gives just enough truth that Mercer is satisfied, but holds back on other parts.

And really, lying is Eugene’s super power. And he’s able to do it so well and just get them to go through those hurdles and get over to the other side. That’s all he wants to do is survive. And you see that moment where he’s nervous – I think there’s a picture of him shaking under the table – and then there’s that moment like, “I’m going to calm down, I’m in control. I got this.” The ball is in my court, “to use a sporting reference that Eugene probably doesn’t understand because he’s not athletic. But he just calms his hands. And then he is able to just say what he has to say, to give them enough truth without giving all the truth and hope that it will work. It’s the first time we’ve seen him calm down in multiple episodes at which point he’s lying about everything. I mean, he told her the truth, but it wasn’t the whole truth. “

Josh McDermitt as Eugene in The Walking Dead

McDermitt goes on to say that Eugene “knows what to do to convince someone of something” and is able to “Breathe calmly and think about what to say to this guy to get to the other side.” He is also able to harness his nervous energy to make what he says believable, tears, sweat and all. The fact that it is “the first time we saw him calm” for quite a while indicates that at this point not only is Eugene a good liar, but he knows it – and he knows he can be counted on to get himself out of sticky situations.

The ability to lie may not be the first “superpower” Coming to mind when considering what would be useful in surviving a zombie apocalypse, but as Eugene has proven time and time again, it’s a very practical talent. He’s definitely the one that kept him alive, despite not being one of the most physically intimidating characters on the show. Now that Eugene and his companions have gained access to the Commonwealth, he will have to maintain his story if he is to stay, and keep his friends safe, which can get trickier now that he has actually met. (or at least thinks he has met) the mysterious Stephanie. Hope he will be able to keep his story straight like The walking dead continues – especially since it is not only himself that he now protects.

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