“The Walking Dead” now has 5 spin-off shows. Here they are all.

“The Walking Dead” may end later this year, but it will live on in other shows to come.Josh Stringer/AMC

  • “The Walking Dead” ends in 2022 but has spawned many spin-off series.

  • “Fear the Walking Dead” is currently in its seventh season and has been renewed for an eighth.

  • Three more shows are planned over the next two years.

“Fear the Walking Dead” has been renewed for an eighth season.

Fear TWD season 7 Alicia

“Fear the Walking Dead” premiered in August 2015.Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

After a completely different group of survivors that began in California, “Fear TWD” is currently in its seventh season.

It follows Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Victor (Colman Domingo) after the fallout from a nuclear warhead in Texas.

Morgan (Lennie James), Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) from “The Walking Dead” all crossed paths at various points in the spinoff.

The show was renewed for an eighth season in December.

“The Walking Dead: World Beyond” ended its two-season run last year.

TWD World Beyond 210 Formerly, Pollyanna McIntosh

“TWD: World Beyond” aired from October 2020 to December 2021.Steve Swisher/AMC

Set a decade after the start of the zombie apocalypse, the limited series shed light on the Civic Republic military, the mysterious group that took Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in season 9 of “TWD” in a helicopter with Formerly (Pollyanna McIntosh).

Star Nico Tortorella previously told Insider that “World Beyond” will help connect to upcoming Rick Grimes movies, which don’t yet have a release date.

Although the show never hinted at Rick’s whereabouts, McIntosh reprized her role as Jadis in the show’s final season as the leader of the CRM.

In doing so, the show may have subtly hinted that the group will have a future showdown with the massive Commonwealth army that was recently introduced on “TWD.”

An anthology series titled “Tales of the Walking Dead” will debut this summer.

Tales from the TWD cast

Parker Posey, Terry Crews and Poppy Liu are part of “Tales of the Walking Dead”.Rick Kern/WireImage, Per Bernal, Jennelle Fong

The six-episode first season will focus on new and old characters from the world of the original “TWD” series.

Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, Anthony Edwards (“Inventing Anna”), Parker Posey (“Lost In Space”) and Poppy Liu (“Dead Ringers”) are among those cast for the series.

It will be directed by Channing Powell, writer and producer of “The Walking Dead” and “Fear TWD”.

An untitled Carol and Daryl series, starring Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, will premiere next year.

twd 1000 daryl carol

Daryl and Carol’s stories will continue after “TWD” ends.Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Although unconfirmed, the series will likely follow Carol and Daryl’s continued adventures after the series finale. Both characters were introduced in the first season of “TWD”.

For the past few seasons, the two friends have joked about running away together on Daryl’s motorcycle in New Mexico. Chances are they could get some information that Rick is alive and go looking for him.

“Daryl’s relationship with Carol has always been my favorite relationship on the show (sorry Rick),” Reedus previously said in a statement to Insider. “I love how these characters interact and relate to each other on so many levels and can’t wait to see where their turn goes from here.”

Showrunner “TWD” Angela Kang will oversee this spin-off. An AMC rep confirmed to Insider in March that the show is slated to premiere in 2023.

Maggie and Negan will also have their own show next year called “Isle of the Dead.”

TWD 1105 Negan and Maggie

“TWD” writer and co-executive producer Eli Jorné will serve as showrunner and executive producer.Josh Stringer/AMC

AMC has announced that Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will also have their own six-episode spin-off series next year where the two travel to “a post-apocalyptic Manhattan long cut off from the mainland.”

Fans were surprised by the news because it associates Maggie with the character who killed her husband, Glenn, in “The Walking Dead.”

The news also came as a surprise since the series seems to spoil the fact that Maggie and Negan will survive the landmark series months before it ends.

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