The Walking Dead launches its first F-bomb in 3 years

Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond drops the franchise’s first F-Bomb on TV in three years – here’s why Hope dropped the bomb.

Through The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the Walking Dead the universe has just dropped its first F-bomb in three years. While profanity is fairly common in all three series – and that’s to be expected given the zombie apocalypse – this dirty word is rarely uttered by the main characters. In fact, that had never been said at all in the second spinoff series, until now.

For TV content aimed at a mature audience, f-bombs are usually plentiful, especially when it comes to streaming and HBO shows. However, the situation is generally different for network television, especially for AMC. While the Walking Dead the broadcasts and spinoffs proved that AMC can make liberal use of blood and blood, it has much less leeway with blasphemy. For this reason, the word f has been used sparingly in the Walking Dead shows, and was not used at all during the first seasons of the flagship series. It has been heard a few times in Fear the living dead however, and only once in The walking dead correct.


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The last f-bomb was included in a key scene at the start of The Walking Dead: The World Beyond Season 2 episode “Death and the Dead”. Shortly after killing the frozen zombie and contemplating some of the events that took place inside the CRM compound in World beyond season 2, Hope (Alexa Mansour) says: “Let’s drop the charges and get out of here. F *** this place”. Even though it wasn’t an unprecedented moment for The walking dead franchise, that was still a surprising line for the series, considering it had been three years since the f-word was last used. The last time this was heard was in 2018, when Daryl dropped an f-bomb explaining why Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) deserves to die in The walking dead season 9.

Several years ago, part of the fan base believed that this kind of language was necessary for a mature show.. Part of what motivated this argument – and what still motivates it today – was the presence of Walking DeadThe arguably unrecoverable character, Negan. After all, the word was used regularly in comic book source material, and was also a favorite of Negan’s comedic counterpart. Some, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, thought it should have been incorporated into the character’s vocabulary. At the time, it was banned and only became an option when AMC relaxed some of its restrictions.

Despite the change that made it possible to use the word f twice per season, the Walking Dead shows have largely avoided including it rather than focusing on modern trends. The bomb f was not dropped once in the interval between The walking dead season 9 and The Walking Dead: World Beyond The penultimate episode is about the franchise’s stance on this, and the idea that it’s not exactly necessary for dramatic, mature television. Instead of seizing all the available opportunities, The walking dead has apparently chosen to keep it for pivotal moments when its impact can be maximized.

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