The Walking Dead finally answers an old zombie infection mystery


Fear the Walking Dead season 7, episode 3 has finally answered an old Walking Dead mystery about scratches potentially causing zombie infection.

An old Walking Dead The mystery of the zombie infection has finally been solved in Fear the living dead season 7. Despite the fact that the shows are set The walking dead The universe has been exploring this zombie infested world for over ten years now, all the rules for how the zombie virus works have yet to be fully described. There are some things about zombies that haven’t been discovered yet.

Fear the living dead added to the many mysteries of his world in the Season 6 finale by adding a new complication to the mix. The launch of nuclear warheads resulted in Fear the living dead face two different apocalypses at the same time. Since then, the series has explored this new world that Teddy (John Glover) unleashed and the many changes he has made not only to the zombies themselves, but also how they are to survive in the future. As the show focuses on the nuclear apocalypse currently unfolding, Fear the living dead still find room to address the mysteries existing in the Walking Dead universe.

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Since the first seasons of The walking dead, viewers and characters alike wondered if walker scratches cause infection, as do zombie bites. There was an old idea that a flesh-tearing zombie scratch could put the virus into the victim’s bloodstream and lead to infection. Fear the living dead Season 7, Episode 3, “Cindy Hawkins” finally put an end to those worries. During the episode, John Dorie, Sr. (Keith Carradine) was scratched by a zombie, but never looked back. In fact, June (Jenna Elfman) was aware of the scratch but didn’t seem concerned that it could be a death sentence for John.

Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr in Fear The Walking Dead

This was not the first time that a character had been scratched by a zombie in a Walking Dead television program, but it is the first time that a concrete answer to this question has been given. Big Tiny (Theodus Crane) suffering from a severe zombie scratch during Walking Dead Season 3’s prison arc sparked a serious discussion among Rick’s party members as to whether or not he would turn around. However, whether or not he became a zombie has never been revealed. Believing he would turn around, Tomas (Nick Gomez) murdered him before anyone could find out.

It seems like it was a much bigger fear in the early days of the Walking dead zombie apocalypse. After all, there was so much they didn’t know about the virus at the time. Additionally, there was a certain degree of logic behind the walker stripe theory. However, the time the characters spent surviving in this world apparently gave them valuable experiences. June, who has dealt with countless injuries both on-screen and off-screen, probably saw enough of those scratches to know John would be okay. But while this eliminates a potential threat, Morgan’s group has a lot more to fear in Fear the living dead season 7 thanks to the rise of Irradiated Zombies and other new issues.

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