The Redlands Rotary Club hosted a debate for candidates running for School District 51 school board



GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado – Five members represent School District 51 from five different districts.

In the District C race, Austin DeWitt, Trish Mahre and Andrea Haitz vie for first place.

The Redlands Rotary Club hosted a debate at Venue at Fishers Market.

Trish Mahre, who currently sits on the school board, is also a prosecutor. She fights to keep her place.

Mahre says, “For me to invest my time, I feel like my investment in the school board is investing my time personally for things that are close to my heart. Having been a product of District 51 and having raised children in District 51 and taking care of the children I touch every day.

She faces off against Austin DeWitt and Andrea Haitz.

Austin graduated from Fruita Monument High School and is showing up because he would like to see more practical opportunities for students.

Austin DeWitt says, “I really want to run more field trips, especially in high school, they don’t go out enough for financial literacy classes. Send them out to the community, send them to tax preparers, let them ask questions, and let them understand these terms.

Haitz is also one of the candidates in the running. She is a real estate agent, with a solid understanding of housing issues, with children in the neighborhood.

She’s also one of three school board candidates that the Mesa County Republican Party has been keen to endorse, before even publicizing its platform.

When asked by a member of the public why she ran on a Tory list for an apolitical post, Haitz admitted that she and the other two candidates the Republican Party endorsed had corresponding Tory platforms although the school board is not political.

Haitz says, “It ended up turning into this block. I have to say that my ideals probably line up with Will Jones and Angela Lema. “

KREX 5 will take a closer look at this point of contention next week and what that might mean for the race.

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