The New Bowlus Volterra EV RV Is A Prepper’s Dream

Bowlus calling his Volterra EV RV the “ultimate RV” might sound a little boastful, but from the specs we’ve seen, it’s actually pretty accurate. With features and technology upgrades that allow the motorhome to be “off the grid” and continue to operate for decades, the motorhome is a beautiful and capable beast that makes it the perfect base for the apocalypse.

Generally known for his luxury RVs, Bowlus doesn’t step out of his comfort zone too much with the Volterra. It’s still near the peak of opulence, just with a lot more features. With ample space within its 27-foot length, the American-made RV also includes absolute top-crust amenities for its $310,000 price tag, including solar panels and technology, optional propane backup, internet via satellite, and more.

With terms like the “vanlife” trending and many people interested in preparing for the worst potential with stocks and plans for the end times, Bowlus has potentially tapped into a huge market with what they claim is the first EV RV of production in the world.

Let’s take a closer look at the Bowlus Volterra EV RV and why it’s a prepper’s dream!

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Volterra specifications and electrification

While there are plenty of RVs that work towards using solar and battery power, most are either still concepts like the Winnebago e-RV or are designed with a lower budget in mind. like the ElectricBrands XBUS Camper. The Volterra explores new territory by combining the EV element with the RV and luxury elements.

The Volterra EV RV is capable of operating on all-electric power and has a one hundred percent increase in battery capacity over previous models offered by Bowlus (including the Terra Firma) with a lithium iron phosphate battery of 17 kWh. The super versatile and useful RV can also charge the electric vehicle you use to tow it. With 20A outlets for emergency charging, the increased battery size equates to an emergency charging range of 65 miles.

Additionally, the RV offers the industry’s first use of AeroSolar, allowing the RV to continue charging while driving and during stationary camping with no additional setup or activation required. Bowlus calls it “the ultimate user experience”. Beyond the solar power option, the RV also comes with a propane backup for those times when those off the grid need to use the heater for long periods of time.

The exterior of the RV is expansive, making it spacious enough for the whole family to escape the apocalypse (or go boondocking). The interior reaches a height of 8.5 feet so even the tallest members of your crew can stand comfortably and the unibody aluminum outer skin with high-strength aircraft rivets ensure the RV will withstand a wide variety weather, road and environmental conditions.

The Volterra can accommodate up to four people and is equipped with a 50 gallon capacity fresh water tank, a 31 gallon capacity gray water tank, and a 2 gallon capacity. 4.5 gallon black water (per cassette). Freshwater storage capacity has also been increased by 150% over previous Bowlus models. With these stats, the company says the RV can be taken off the network “indefinitely.”

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Luxury Features and Touches in the Volterra EV RV

There’s no shortage of luxury in Volterra either, which is great if you plan to go offline indefinitely; you may as well do it as comfortably as possible. Another first claimed by Bowlus is that the Voterra is the first caravan to offer an induction hob for cooking as well as the first with high-speed satellite internet. Using Starlink via a built-in 3G/4G modem and GPS, the RV is capable of channeling reliable internet anywhere in the United States and Canada, according to Bowlus.

The cooktop is faster and more energy efficient than a gas stove without as much ambient heat. It is also a safer cooking method. The induction cooktop isn’t the only high-efficiency appliance in the kitchen, either. The motorhome is also equipped with a fridge/freezer, a battery-operated microwave and aluminum storage spaces (cupboards and shelves).

The RV floors are heated and the RV air conditioning can run for up to 32 hours on battery power and the mattresses are top of the line with a memory foam top layer. The bed can also convert from twin to king. Overall, the RV is furnished with luxury and comfort in mind, even more so than some non-mobile homes.

The living room has two skylights to help save on lighting costs and trails and designer seats are prevalent throughout the RV. Charging and outlets are also plentiful with several 120V electrical outlets that run off the battery system as well as a charging station for tablets, cell phones and laptops located under the dinette table (which can also accommodate four people).

Bowlus also created a limited-edition color scheme for the Volterra to “enhance the overland traveler’s experience.” The interior theme, dubbed “La Cumbre”, was inspired by the mountains behind Santa Barbara, California, and is completely vegan. It features desert-like shades with accents of black and dusty pink stripes on an ecru base. Even the bedding continues the theme colors, creating a sense of beautiful cohesion.

Beyond standard equipment, the RV also comes with two bespoke personalization programs so owners can add their own touch and style to the motorhome. According to Bowlus, their design team will work with you to customize the Volterra from over fifty-six million possible combinations. With so many options and such advanced technology, the Volterra is on par with competitors such as the EarthRoamer and Xpedition Pro One, but less rugged and more premium.

All in all, the expensive RV is setting a new standard in the world of battery-powered recreation that we’ll likely see continue to influence the next generation of vehicles. With numerous upgrades, updated specs and a plethora of other options available to make RVing unique, the Bowlus Volterra is the ultimate RV EV and is a tuner’s dream.

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