The Geneva high school theater will present ’10 ways to survive a zombie apocalypse!’

Zombies! When you think of undead and rotting monsters, many things can come to mind. From “The Walking Dead” to Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” music video, the pop culture ghoul has now infected Geneva high school.

For this year’s underclass play, the Geneva high school offers the short comedy “10 ways to survive a zombie apocalypse!” by Don Zolidas.

The show centers on Christy, Jimmy, Sam and Susan, four teenagers trying to survive a real zombie apocalypse. Chased by a host of monsters, the audience follows our protagonists and their current “dooms-day” event.

Coupled with witty storytelling that leads the heroes through defense methods such as sacrificing weak and romantic zombies.

“It’s a fast, high-energy show with lots of good jokes and physical comedy. And zombies!” said director Drew Longo, making it a perfect show to kick off a new year.

This show also serves as a debut for director and English teacher Drew Longo, a newcomer to the theater department of the Lycée de Genève. It highlights what makes this show special,

“They (underclass) are very enthusiastic and eager to try new things. Although they have some experience, they bring an openness and a willingness to learn to the process,” Longo said. “As one of my improv teachers once said, they ‘get out of their heads and play’. Which I think is really one of the best things about acting.”


Ever since the first freshman play, “James and the Giant Peach,” the underclass play has been used to put on a show by young actors for young audiences. This light show is no different and a great activity for kids and parents if you’re looking for a good laugh!

So get ready to sharpen the pitchforks, grab the tourniquet wire, and buckle up for “10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse!” A piece that is sure to have you screaming BRRRRAINSS by the end of the show!

Shows are at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, September 30 and October 1, in the high school auditorium, 416 McKinley Ave.

Tickets are $7 or $5 for students and seniors. Tickets are available at

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