The Forest: Best Armor, Ranked

It’s easy to let go as a dad The forest especially after the son has been kidnapped by cannibals or mutants, or cannibalistic mutants. But even players will have to take care of their in-game daddy Leblanc if they want to find poor Timmy. Apart from the usual survivalism and taking care of their character’s base level for the hierarchy of needs, armor also goes a long way to staying alive.

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Sure, The forest put players in a rather impromptu survival situation so players don’t have to expect anything fancy or rigid. All of the armor pieces in this game are either gross or scary. Still, beggars can’t choose, and any port in a storm suits anyone who plays The forest. Players will therefore want to prioritize crafting these pieces of armor or maintaining them based on their usefulness.


6 Rabbit fur boots


Crafting materials:

Rabbit fur is almost a mandatory garment for anyone looking to venture into the cold parts of the map near the mountains. It adds a significant amount of cold protection and ensures players don’t freeze to death. Now, for real attack protection, it really doesn’t matter.

This piece of armor is just a pair of boots, after all. They should not be used for an assault on cannibal camps. They do, however, offer a small stealth bonus as they muffle the player’s footsteps a bit. This makes them somewhat decent to sneak around. However, there is already more dedicated armor for this purpose.

5 lizard skin


Crafting materials:

Lizard Skin is one of the first bona fide armor players can wear in The forest. They provide ample protection and are visibly visible around the forearms in two-piece first person view. These babies are a few no-frills leather bracers and jackets and players should always strive to keep them on if they expect bad company or want to go to cannibal camps or caves.

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The best part about them is that they are practically offered for free. Players only need 1 unit of Lizard Hide to craft this for both arms. Since lizards are almost everywhere, this armor is pretty much available almost everywhere on the map. On the plus side, hunting for lizard skin also ensures a steady supply of meat.

4 Combination


Crafting materials:

  • Raccoon skin – 1

  • Boar Hide – 4

  • Deer skin – 6

  • Rabbit fur- 1

  • Cloth – 2

  • Rope – 2

The Warmsuit is the ultimate must-have for those ready for extended trips in the mountains or anywhere there is snow The forest. It offers complete protection from the cold, and players can even use it to swim in cold waters without worrying too much about their character’s temperature. The Warmsuit has a downside unfortunately as players can mix it up with other armor types as it takes up all the slots.

This makes combat more difficult in cold areas as the suit offers no physical protection. He has only one goal. But at the very least, it makes up for its limited usefulness by being indestructible. Considering the cost involved in crafting such armor, it’s more than a redeeming quality as it’s quite tedious to get all kinds of animal pelts for crafting.

3 bone armor


Crafting materials:

Bone Armor is a direct upgrade from the Lizard Armor and it’s one of the most respectable pieces of armor in the game, especially for rock metal fans. Either way, Bone Armor takes an all-or-nothing approach. Wearing a full set is noisy. In fact, Bone Armor is one of the loudest armor types in the game, and players might as well wear it as an ad.

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It is a proclamation that they are bloodthirsty and want to add more pieces to their armor. Each piece adds 40 armor, for a total of 400 (10 pieces). This generous armor value ensures players are as battle-ready as possible. Pair it with the katana and it’s easily one of the most reliable ways to clear cannibal camps or mutant nests in caves.

2 spooky armor


Crafting materials:

  • N/A, adult mutant drops

Bone armor may be a favorite of some, but it’s not the best or the most protective. Creepy Armor holds this last spot because it provides a whopping 80 armor per piece (a total of 800 for 10 pieces). This essentially turns players into a tank that can trade blows even with mutants, which is ironic since this armor is made from their skin.

In this regard, it’s even more disturbing than bone armor because it’s literally just monster skin draped over the characters. However, getting the creepy armor is quite a process. This armor supposedly only falls on mutant girls (they’re the tall, lanky ones). Killing one will cause it to drop three pieces of creepy armor in its place, so players will need to hunt down four for the full set.

1 stealth armor


Crafting materials:

  • Lizard skin – 1

  • Sheet – 15

For a good balance between accessibility and versatility, no one can beat the Stealth Armor in The forest. It has the same stats as Lizard Armor but is better because it stacks with Sealth. It even increases the player’s Sealth to 100% as a missing piece (on normal difficulty).

For this purpose, it is the preferable option once players have accumulated enough time off. It’s quite easy if they always break small plants. It’s also much better than mud when it comes to stealth, as this armor doesn’t wash out or lose its stealth bonus when it rains. All in all, players can’t go wrong with this. This not only helps avoid deadly encounters, but also provides a fail-safe in case stealth fails.

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