The end is near with the premiere of ABC comedy PREPPERS next month


Starring the multi-talented Nakkiah Lui, Preppers delves into the crazy world of “prep” – that is, preparing for the end of days.

Written by Him and Gabriel Dowrick and directed by Steven McGregor (Black comedy), Preparers follows Charlie (Nakkiah Lui), a young indigenous woman who, after suffering her own personal cataclysmic event, finds herself at the center of a mismatched community of “preparers” planning the apocalypse in Eden 2.

He and Dowrick said, “We’re incredibly excited to share Preppers and look forward to people connecting with our unique take on the prep subculture: Unexpected Hope and the community that people create when they prepare for the apocalypse. We hope you enjoy the bunker with our characters as they prepare for the end of the world no matter what that looks like.

Founded by a rickety old native called Monty (Jack Charles), Eden 2 is a haven for indigenous people and a few suckers that Monty tricked into footing the bill. Preparing for the apocalypse doesn’t come cheap.


Joining Monty are Lionel (Chum Ehelepola) and Kelly (Ursula Yovich); a mixed race couple, religious, born again, relentlessly optimistic; Kirby (Eryn Jean Norvill), the mysterious host of the “Agent of Truth” conspiracy podcast; Guy (Meyne Wyatt), a macho Aboriginal survivor obsessed with self-image; and Jayden (Aaron McGrath), a waking millennial who sees the apocalypse as the ultimate opportunity for Indigenous self-determination.

With nowhere to go, Charlie reluctantly joins the preparers and is ultimately wowed by the motley group of misfits as she tries to come to terms with the dissatisfaction, loneliness and alienation she has always felt. trying to find his place in a white Australia. As she wins a goal, becomes an unlikely leader, and grapples with the generational trauma of colonization, Charlie will eventually realize that she is not as helpless or vulnerable as she thinks she is. What maybe… just maybe… the end of the world might be her best chance for a fresh start?

Preparers also guest stars Luke Arnold as the downcast leader of a group of white yuppie preppers played by Leeanna Walsman, Yael Stone, Toby Schmitz and Sofia Nolan; Kate Miller-Heidke as the legendary Penrith Panther; Luke Carroll as a crafty Aboriginal archaeologist; Christine Anu as Charlie’s even cunning mother; Miranda Tapsell as Charlie’s Nan and the original prepper; Grant Denyer as Charlie’s fiancé and boss of the producer; and Brooke Satchwell as the TV co-host for Charlie’s Tasteless Breakfast.

Production credit: A Porchlight Films production in association with Spirit Pictures. Preppers received a major production investment from ABC, along with development and production investment from the First Nations Department of Screen Australia. It is funded with assistance from Screen NSW. International sales are handled by About Premium Content. Director: Steven McGregor. Series Producer: Sylvia Warmer. Executive Producer: Liz Watts. ABC Executive Producer: Margaret Ross.

Preppers premiered on ABC TV and ABC iview on Wednesday, November 10 at 9:10 p.m.

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