The Busan Train Reference From We’re All Dead Creates A Zombie Plot Hole

Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead once again hijacks the zombie genre. But referencing other undead classics creates a unique plot hole.

by Netflix we are all dead takes the zombie genre and revives it in a way that makes its star monsters genuinely terrifying. Not only does the series take place in a high school with few to no weapons, but it also expands on the lore and gives fans classic zombie horror with new ideas that show the franchise still has life after the zombie revival. over the past twenty years. year. But for all the things the show did well, it also created a hard-to-miss plot that involves Train to Busan.

At the start of the zombie outbreak, student and survivor Lee Cheong-san (Chan-Young Yoon) explains how the school became like the hit Korean movie Train to Busan. Later in the series, the students also mention how their school and the greater province became “zombieland”, a potential nod to the 2009 film. zombieland. By naming these properties, it shows that this universe is aware of what zombies are and how they impact the horror genre and film as a whole. However, despite knowing what they are, they never focus on killing their attackers like the people in these properties do.

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Compared to a show like The Walking Deadeveryone in we are all dead knows the basic rules for surviving a zombie apocalypse. In The Walking Dead, the survivors had no idea what zombies are. As a result, they had to learn the hard way how to kill them and what happens when they bite them. Strangely, the Netflix series seems to have similar issues as its main cast don’t seem to know what happens once they’re bitten, even though they’ve seen Train to Busan.

Another problem comes from the way they fight zombies. Aside from the occasional stab in the neck, the students instead choose to run and fight their way to safety rather than try to aim for their heads. Most people who know what zombies are, know the importance of going for the head. However, these students maintain surprisingly low body counts. One reason for this could be that destroying a human bone with blunt objects requires considerable strength that most students do not have. That said, they might also be scared of taking a life, even that of a zombie, since they’re still just kids.

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Throughout its twelve episodes, the series maintains a high level of suspense as any survivor can be killed at any time. Adding that these survivors know the dangers that await them helps build more suspense because they are just as scared as the audience. But many times, like on the roof, they have the option to get blunt and edged weapons to help fight the zombies and don’t take them. But, in the end, when they should have been able to navigate the school with brutal efficiency, they ultimately failed.

we are all dead delivers fantastic suspenseful moments, terrifying zombies, and a cast so likable that even the most minor loss hits hard. But knowing what zombies are, the students create a plot by not trying to kill some of the zombies when they have the chance. This decision also leaves the audience scratching their heads as it never explained why they chose not to take out any zombies they could.

To see the group fail to learn from the zombie movies, All of Us Are Dead is now streaming all episodes on Netflix.

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