The Bristol Press – Plainville prepares for the start of the new school year


PLAINVILLE — Superintendent of Schools Steve LePage said he aspires to make Plainville a “model school district” as students prepare to return to school on Thursday, September 1.

LePage said the district has a good plan in place to be successful this school year.

One of LePage’s goals is to reduce chronic absenteeism and ensure “every student is here every day” if possible.

“I’m asking everyone to dig deep, move on, and do your best,” LePage said. “We have social workers and school psychologists in place who will help our students understand and cope with difficult times. Social and emotional learning teaches students to identify barriers that prevent them from learning so they can overcome them. We ask parents to do their best to send their children to school. If they need help, I encourage them to contact us.

LePage said Plainville has done a good job of addressing learning loss that has occurred during the pandemic. Last summer they offered expanded programs to help students catch up.

Plainville Schools also offers a “comprehensive and complete pre-K program”.

In order to prepare high school students for their professional careers, the Plainville schools will double the number of “pedagogical adventure days” this year, from two to four.

“They let kids choose from a variety of learning experiences,” LePage said. “They included working with an auto mechanic, outdoor survival and self-defense. There will be 35 different offers this year.

Plainville schools also make safety and security a priority, LePage said.

“We’ve doubled the number of cameras in the district and installed new cameras at Toffolon and Linden Elementary Schools and Plainville Middle School,” LePage said.

The district hired retired police officer Richard Marquis, who served for 27 years, for a position as director of safety and security.

Overall, LePage said, teachers and school administrators are “ready to go out and do their best to make a difference in people’s lives.”

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