The big story: identity preparers


What your colleagues and competitors think about the cookie-free future of digital advertising was revealed in AdExchanger’s latest identity research report.

In this week’s episode, we dig deeper into the juiciest bits and key insights from the report, which is available in its entirety to our paying members.

For example: Even as the industry puts its hopes in email-based credentials, respondents say they are divided over whether solutions anchored to email addresses are safer for privacy than email-based credentials. third-party cookies. They are also mostly uncertain about Privacy Sandbox, which reflects its still nascent status.

Although AdExchanger presented the report before Google decided to extend the deadline for deleting cookies by a year and a half, the results validate its decision to give the industry more time. While our readers were mostly optimistic about prospecting solutions without third-party cookies, they were downright pessimistic about attribution replication, exposure limitation and retargeting without third-party cookies.

In the second half of this week’s episode, we take a look at the latest ad tech balloonist: Flashtalking, which Mediaocean acquired for half a billion dollars this week. We’re discussing where this deal leaves the independent ad server market and whether it could portend a Mediaocean IPO.

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