The best survival food kits of 2022

While the Augason Farms Bucket is economical when it comes to prepackaged emergency foods, the ReadyWise Ultimate Prep Pack offers even better value per meal. Each serving of the Augason kit costs around 82 cents, while the 124 servings of ReadyWise are only 77 cents each. ReadyWise Meal Bucket items are said to have a 25-year shelf life across the board, but again, it’s a good idea to check the packaging before storing.

The Ultimate Prep Pack includes seven different entrees: Veggie Pasta, Pasta Alfredo, Southwestern Rice and Beans, Stroganoff (again type not specified), Macaroni and Cheese, Tomato Basil Pasta Soup and chicken noodle soup (comes the apocalypse, it seems real chicken is rarer than hen teeth). You’ll also get two breakfast cereals: Apple Cinnamon and Maple Brown Sugar. For drinks, you’ll have a choice of an orange drink or a whey milk alternative (just add water), while for dessert you can enjoy (relatively speaking) a latte pudding. vanilla, freeze-dried peaches and a “creamy yogurt-style” dessert. .

As for the flavor, Amazon customers brave enough to dig in got mixed reviews. Some found the taste pleasantly surprised, while others were a little less enthusiastic. However, it’s all about context. As your mother always told you, it’s better to eat dried peaches than to be eaten by zombies.

Buy the ReadyWise 124 Ultimate Serving Prep Pack from Amazon for $95.75 starting August 2022.

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