The best spot on the Jersey Shore to shoot a zombie apocalypse movie


Rather than saying this place is a total disaster, I’m going to get creative and say it’s the best place in Jersey Shore to shoot a zombie apocalypse movie. At the very least, the directors of The Walking Dead could easily film a TV episode in this Jersey Shore location.

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I was driving in my hometown of Wall Township and once again remembered how terrible Peddler’s Village looked. Seriously, what a mess! What do we do people ?!

Empty buildings crumble, boarded up windows seem to be waiting for a hurricane that will never come, and the giant parking lot is overrun with uncontrolled weeds. I don’t know what you think when you walk past this place, but for me I still think that someday I’ll see a bunch of zombies roaming the parking lot. It is, unfortunately, a very bad and unnecessary horror for my beautiful hometown.

So what is the future?

Hawkers’ village

I was hoping to show you a ton of photos but didn’t want to be pulled over for trespassing. You can only go that far in the parking lot … “There are cameras watching you.”

Not so long ago there were reports of a “new life” coming to the village of Peddler. In November 2020, Nicole rosenthal of reported this:

The plan offers 299 luxury housing units and 101 hotel rooms, with three-story building heights, as well as office and retail space. While the developer sees the new project as “a modern and sophisticated mixed-use lifestyle center,” opponents say it will lead to traffic jams, overdevelopment and overcrowding in the community.

Obviously, it fell apart. Would accommodation and hotel rooms be a good idea? I don’t know, but it’s much better than an abandoned landfill. The future is still pending.

I could ruffle someone’s feathers with this item, but honestly, I don’t care. Something has to be done. In the future, this could be a great opportunity for the city and business developers. What do you think? Which business (ies) do you think is best suited to this location? SHARE & COMMENT!

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