The best portable power banks for charging on the go

Morgan Snape 09.20.22

I’m a little obsessed with power banks. I have several units in each place where I can put one. From my vehicle, to my bug out bag, to my get-home bag, to my everyday carry bag; they are everywhere.

I want to make sure I can keep my phone charged, as well as being able to charge my radios or any other small device like that. I mainly use them for hiking and camping, but have used them during power outages. They are useful in so many different circumstances. It never hurts to keep your devices charged no matter what!

Here are my best power banks to keep



1. Sunlife Emergency Radio


Sunlife Emergency Radio

Ok, you’re probably thinking, “that doesn’t look like an external battery”. You’re right, it’s not just for charging, it can do so much more! I’m adding it to the list because of its size. It measures 6″ long, 2″ wide and 3 inches high. It fits in my hand! It’s so light and not only charges my phone but also has NOAA weather capabilities which is great when you’re on the go and in an emergency.

It also has a small solar panel at the top to charge the internal battery.

He also has a crank ability, so there are plenty of ways to get power when needed.

It also has a light!

I really like this one. Very useful.

Advantages/Lots of options, lightweight, bright color

The inconvenients/

Conclusion/Highly recommend everyone to have it for outdoor adventures and preparation

2. Anker 10000mAh


Anker 10000mAh

I love everything Anker. They have top quality products at amazing prices. We have two Anker which I had years and years ago and it still works strong.

They have a variety of sizes of charging capacity, this particular one is 10000mAh which can charge your phone just over 2 times. It’s lightweight, fits in your pocket and charges quickly.

Advantages/Light, powerful, durable

The inconvenients/

Conclusion/Great to keep in your hiking gear, prep kit or anywhere else.

3. 36800mAh solar charger


36800mAh solar charger

If you know me, you know that I love all things solar. This is a rugged solar charging option that’s also quite thin and light considering what it is.

It even has a flashlight and an SOS function. You can charge 3 devices at the same time, which is pretty awesome! You can charge your phone almost 4 times with a full charge. It has an LED indicator to show the battery level which is really nice to have.

Advantages/Lightweight, flashlight, large battery capacity

The inconvenients/Charging with the solar panel can take time

Conclusion/I love the solar option

4. QuadraPro Survival Frog Solar Charger Power Bank


Survival Frog QuadraPro Solar Charger Power Bank

This is another solar option but this one a bit more robust in my opinion.

It has a solar panel that folds out for a much larger capacity. The overall capacity is 6500 mAh, which is huge!

It offers wireless charging as well as 2 5V USB ports. You can use all three at the same time.

It has a magnet that allows you to attach it to a metal surface to keep it in place while charging.

It needs about 12 hours under direct sunlight to charge from empty.

Advantages/Lightweight, lots of solar panels, very powerful

The inconvenients/Takes a long time to charge with sunlight, although that’s pretty normal for low wattage panels like these

Conclusion/If you spend a lot of time outdoors this is a great option, just keep it open while you’re hiking or hanging out at camp

Which is good for you?

These are all great options, and frankly, I wouldn’t settle for just having one. As I said at the beginning, we have them everywhere. They are so cheap that you can put one anywhere and anywhere.

Don’t forget to keep a charging cable with these. And check them every 6 months or so to make sure they are still fully charged.

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