The best new knives and EDCs of 2021


This story is part of our year-end This Year in Gear series, bringing together the most notable releases of 2021..

Best of the best. It’s not just a cult, cult ’80s martial arts film starring Eric Roberts, Philip Rhee, and, one way or another, James Earl Jones. It’s also a great way to describe this list, drawn from the best new knives and EDC roundups that we represent each month.

These pieces are full of impressive and innovative pocket knives, stationary blades, multi-tool tools and an assortment of versions that one way or another could end up in your daily transport. No matter how you cut them, they all meet a subjective definition of “best.” And the following 18 carefully curated articles have something in common with a few characters named Alex Grady and Tommy Lee: They kick ass.


SOG knives

Since SOG collaborated with Japanese knife designer Kiku Matsuda on the Kiku, it has reissued the knife in various variations. We now have the Light Edition, which includes a carbon fiber liner, 3.02 inch blade, and an orange highlighter composite handle that weighs in at around four ounces.

Price: $ 225


Nite Ize G Series Double Chamber Carabiner

nite ize g series double chamber carabiner

Nite Ize

With a second door, Nite Ize gave another compartment and an extra layer of security to their EDC carabiners. It reduces the risk of something falling out when cutting and unclipping and allows you to organize things between the two sections.

Price: $ 3 +


Gerber Double Down

gerber double down


Doubledown is, no kidding, a machete. It’s short, to be sure, with its 6.75-inch blade, but the reduced length allowed Gerber designers to give it a unique two-piece handle. With a pivoting system reminiscent of the Bali-Song knives (also called butterfly knives), each piece swivels to go from a handle to a protective sheath when the knife is not in use.

Price: $ 140


Matador keychain mask

matador keychain mask


The best face mask is not good at all if you forget it at home. Matador’s solution goes with you everywhere, thanks to a solution the size of a USB key that is at home with your keys. The polyester-spandex face mask is soft and comfortable with adjustable earrings, and it’s easy to get in and out of its small silicone case. It’s not ideal for everyday wear but perfect in those inevitable forgotten mask pinches.

Price: $ 15 $ 9


Filson x Buck Knives 104 Compadre Camp Knife

filson x buck knives 104 compadre camp knife


Filson and Buck Knives’ latest collaboration is quite ideal for tough adventures. The duo designed this fixed blade knife and a small ax with heavy-duty steel and Micarta handles to perform tough outdoor tasks like treating kindling for a fire or skinning wild game.

Price: $ 155


Leatherman ratchet screwdriver

leather ratchet driver


This handy add-on brings ratchet driver functionality to many Leatherman multi-tools, but not all. It works with the brand’s unique flat tips as well as those you may already own from other companies.

Price: $ 30


Boker Barlow Prime

boker barlow prime

Boker Solingen

Boker began to manufacture Barlow knives – a collapsible type with a teardrop shape, rounded butt and a well-defined bolster – in the late 1800s. With the addition of modern knife-making technology, Boker manufactured the new Barlow Prime without bolster for a simpler profile. Slip joint action stays and includes a 90 degree stop so the knife doesn’t get closed on your fingers.

Price: $ 170


PopSockets PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool

sog x popsockets


Of course, it’s possible to wedge your phone under a bottle cap to remove it, but that doesn’t mean you should. An unlikely collaboration between PopSockets and SOG offers a more delicate method.

Price: 25 $


Benchmade Carbon Fiber Bugout

custom bugout carbon fiber


When Benchmade looked to improve on one of its most beloved EDC pocket knives, the bug, he turned to carbon fiber. The knife was already an ultralight utility model, but now it’s more true than ever, thanks to a milled carbon fiber handle. The Bugout 535-3 weighs just over two ounces but still retains a 3.24-inch S90V super steel blade that deploys with a smooth lever-style AXIS lock.

Price: $ 300 $ 255


Peak Design V2 Field Pouch

advanced design scope pouch v2

Cutting edge design

Peak Design understands that your EDC doesn’t always fit your pockets as well, which is why it revamped its field pouch with a new pocket layout to better carry cords, memory cards, keys, a small camera. , your pocket knife or whatever it would get lost in a bigger bag. It even comes with a strap, so you can wear it as a sling if you’re traveling light.

Price: $ 45 40 $


Hults Bruk The Agdor Slotted Ax

hults bruk the agdor splitting the ax


This recent take on Sweden’s oldest ax maker features hand-forged Swedish steel, American hickory wood, and a leather sheath. With a 20 inch handle and a 2 pound ax head, it is perfectly sized and weighted for chopping firewood and lighting around the campsite. So maybe it’s more of an EDCC: an everyday camp port.

Price: $ 124


Wolf Tooth Components 8-Bit Kit One

wolf tooth components kit 8 bit one

Wolf tooth

If necessary, these candy bar-sized contraptions separate into three multi-tools shown here. The one on the far left includes pliers, all kinds of screwdrivers, a spoke wrench, a valve wrench and more. The middle one is a tire iron and rim dent remover. The one on the right has a chain breaker, utility knife, and tire cap inserter, as well as space for tire cap inserts, valve core, and tire cap inserts. a spare blade. What else do you need?

Price: 140 $


The brand James Carter XL

the brand james le carretier

The James brand

We’ve been fans of the original Carter since its release last winter. This oversized version costs just $ 20 more and features a VG-10 steel blade (known for its corrosion resistance and edge retention) that is half an inch longer (3.3 inches) to tackle larger jobs. Like its predecessor, the Carter XL also features machined G10 handle scales, a reversible deep carry clip, and an ambidextrous slide lock.

Price: $ 159



technological overview


You would be forgiven for mistaking the last drop of WESN for a mutated paperclip. But this minimalist 2.75-inch creation offers more than it looks. As you can guess he has a bottle opener. This tool also contains a flathead screwdriver / scraper (lower right corner above) and a pry bar top. Handy enough for something you can clip to your keychain and forget about everything, until you need it.

Price: 40 $



crkt piet blue with d2 blade steel knife


Famous designer Jesper Voxnaes usually designs knives in his store in Loegstrup, Denmark. But this one, he sketched it at the Portland International Airport after his first visit to the region. Boasting a lightweight yet sturdy D2 steel blade, a glass-reinforced nylon handle, and an oversized thumb hole for easy deployment, this is the perfect EDC for the Pink City – or no. any city, really.

Price: $ 55


Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite

sharp work precision adjust elite

Work well

Thanks to precise, repeatable edge angles and premium abrasives, the original from Work Sharp Precision adjustable knife sharpener was a great success. Now, the brand offers more, with seven abrasive grains and a carrying case. 220, 320 and 400 grit coarse diamond stones help reshape the blades, while 600 and 800 grit diamond stones sharpen and resharpen them, and fine ceramic and leather let you sharpen and sharpen blades. sharp knives.

Price: $ 120


Opinel Limited Edition No.08 Escapade folding knives

Opinel folding knives limited edition no 08 escapade


For its latest collection, Opinel has teamed up with J̩r̩my Groshens, a young French tattoo artist who travels and works from a 1972 Digue motorhome called the Outdoor Tattoo Truck. Unsurprisingly, the three eye-catching knives he designed Рincluding the Elevation shown here Рare inspired by nature and tattoos.

Price: $ 45


EDC Urbain Copita

edc urban copita

Urban EDC supply

This compact fin, a collaboration between Urban EDC and the aforementioned Voxnaes, boasts the combination of form and function of the Danish designer’s hallmark. The 5.46 inch pocket knife deploys a tiny but powerful 2.26 inch M390 steel blade with a wide belly to make all kinds of cuts, as well as contoured handles in brown or green micarta, solid titanium, or black PVD titanium.

Price: $ 199 +


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