The 10 Best Reality TV Shows on Netflix, According to IMDb

Netflix is ​​well known for its extensive catalog of content. One of its most popular genres is the reality TV series. While Netflix offers plenty of original reality TV shows, the streaming service also includes various programs from elsewhere, giving viewers some of the best reality content.

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IMDb users rated their favorites, and by using these ratings, viewers can get a feel for the best reality TV shows on Netflix. If fans of the genre are looking for the next show to invest in, here are some of the more popular and premium options.

ten Bravo (2020-) – 8.1

bravo netflix

With one season currently over, Applaud follows a team from Corsicana, Texas in their personal lives and in their efforts to train for cheerleading competitions. The original Netflix show was to critical acclaim, being part of a documentary and reality TV show featuring heartfelt, real-life moments with the cast.

With plenty of footage from the training and personal conversations with participants about how the team has changed their lives, Applaud is a series that easily connected with audiences.

9 Terraced house: boys and girls in the city (2015-2016) – 8.1

The cast of Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City sits and talks on a sofa

The second series of Terrace House franchise, Boys and girls in town, focuses on a group of strangers as they live together for a summer. The show has been recognized for its seemingly real-life situations and exchanges, which contrasts with the seemingly scripted nature of many other reality shows.

The franchise didn’t originate from Netflix, but Terraced house: boys and girls in the city did so, as well as on Fuji Television in Japan. The series is one of the reasons Netflix is ​​considered one of the best streaming services for reality TV fans.


8 Hyperdrive (2019-) – 8.1

Car maneuvers through obstacle course, which features hanging cars, in Netflix's Hyperdrive

In the Netflix contest show Hyperdrive, drivers of various professions are offered the challenge of conquering obstacle courses to try to be crowned champions.

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The series is full of action and heart, with each contestant having their own reasons for joining the show. As a result, many of them are incredibly easy to understand, giving this series of competitions many emotionally impactful moments alongside the action-packed portions. Also, if viewers are fans of cars, Hyperdrive includes a few visually stunning ones, adding an extra layer to this fantastic spectacle.

7 Forged in Fire (2015-) 8.4

Forged in Fire Season 2 Contestants Prepare to Compete

For lovers of expert tools, Forged in fire is one of the best competitive series to watch. Only Season 2 is on Netflix, but it gives audiences a sense of what to expect from the rest of the series. The show centers on custom knife makers competing to create the best tool, and their blade quality is tested through several challenges.

There are many sequences of knives being made that are very fascinating to watch, giving a glimpse into the manufacturing process of some of the best in the world.

6 Alone (2015-) – 8.4

The cast of Alone Season 7 pose for a promotional photo

Although only Season 7 is available on Netflix, Alone is one of the best survival reality TV shows, so viewers can still enjoy the show despite limited access. This season of the series features several contestants attempting to live in the arctic wilderness for a hundred days in search of a million dollar prize.

Alone has captivated viewers since its inception, exposing contestants to some of the harshest environments on the planet. Fans of survivalism would certainly appreciate this fascinating look at incredibly resilient people and their efforts to be successful.

5 Queer Eye: More than a Makeover (2018-) – 8.5

Queer Eye cast talks to emotional guest

Rebooted from a series that ran from 2003 to 2007, Queer Eye: more than a makeover focuses on the Fab Five because they help people get a makeover, create healthier habits, and feel better in general.

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The show has been a success since its release, in large part because of the incredible cast and heartwarming effects they have on the people they visit. A special spin-off titled Queer Eye: We are in Japan! released in 2019 to rave reviews as well. strange eye is a fan favorite that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

4 Love on the Spectrum (2019-) – 8.6

Love on the Spectrum cast pose for promotional photo

Love on the spectrum concerns people with the autism spectrum who navigate the dating world. The series was praised for its presentation, showing some heartfelt and beautiful moments with the cast members.

The show is often considered one of the best reality shows and deserves this status. While many reality TV shows sensationalize their subject matter to an incredible extent, Love on the spectrum shows grounded moments that allow audiences to get to know the people they are watching.

3 The Great British Baking Show (2010-) – 8.6

Great British Baking Show Season 5 Cast

The Great British Pastry Fair, also known as The Great British Cake, is one of the world’s most popular cooking competitions. While the whole collection is not on Netflix, much of it is and continues to be added as the series progresses.

While much of reality TV focuses on drama, The Great British Pastry Fair features much nicer content, making it easier to view that fans love to binge-watch. It’s one of the best cooking shows currently airing on Netflix, and rightly so.

2 The repair shop (2017-) – 8.7

The repair shop cast poses in front of the show's logo for the promotional mage

The repair shop Currently has eight seasons, but Season 3 is the only one available on Netflix. The show focuses on restoration experts as they give heirlooms the quality they once had. It is fascinating to observe the process in the projects they undertake.

This show is also appreciated because of the emotional impact it has. Every heirloom has a story behind it, which translates into incredibly moving moments when people see the possessions of their loved ones returned to the state they had in the past.

1 Car Masters: Rust To Riches (2018-) – 8.7

Netflix Car Masters

Focused on the Gotham Garage team, Car Masters: From rust to wealth involves taking old broken down vehicles, turning them into some of the coolest cars on the market, and selling them for a huge profit. The cast is incredibly entertaining and the transformation of the vehicles is thrilling to watch.

While fans of old car repair will certainly get a lot of fun from this show, you don’t have to find something to like about the series. There are three seasons, all of which are fantastic, showing that just because a vehicle can seem beyond repair, it can be given new life when left in the hands of the experts.

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