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With extreme weather becoming the norm across the country, you can never be too prepared to have to leave your home at all times, and with the possibility of deadly wildfires or rising waters behind your back, you could. not having time to pack. That’s why we’ve handpicked some of the best bug out bags that have everything you need to keep you alive for a few days in some of the toughest conditions.

We see survival gear becoming more and more popular in America, and many options have appeared on the market. Even more, recent winter storms have only shown the need for such equipment, especially in severe cold conditions. This article will take a look at some of the best options, whatever your budget, environment, or situation.

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Judy – The Mover Max

Complete with enough supplies for a family of four for 72 hours, Judy Survival Kits are great options with plenty of variety. The Mover Max model is specially designed for families who frequently find themselves under evacuation orders. Designed to be left in the garage ready at any time, that’s the true definition of a backpack. The kit includes everything from fresh drinking water to a cell phone charger.

In light of the current global pandemic, the bag also includes PPE and disinfection equipment. This bag will help you be ready for whatever 2021 has to throw at it.

Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro Life Support System

Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro Life Support System

Uncharted Supply based their original Seventy2 Survival System on the idea that most survival situations are resolved within 72 hours (hence the name). The all-new Seventy2 Pro builds on the company’s main pack, but with upgraded pro-grade gear inside. It is designed to provide everything two people could possibly need to survive an emergency, from a broken down car to a catastrophic hurricane to thrill. The waterproof Hypalon hull is ultra-durable and even serves as a flotation device. Inside, the kit includes a long list of essentials, from a full tang survival knife and stainless steel water bottle to anti-fog ski goggles and a kit. premium first aid. A silkscreened insert describes various survival tips and techniques, so you can look like you know what you’re doing.

Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Life Support System

If you’re looking for a cheaper option from the Pro, the standard Seventy2 is more than enough to keep you going. You get the same three day survival tools, with a sleek, portable design. When full, the bag weighs only 11 pounds, which is certainly light enough not to be a burden. It has the same Hypalon shell that will keep your gear safe and dry against the heaviest rainstorms.

The Uncharted Supply Co team worked closely with first responders, medics, special forces operators, mountain guides and other experts to develop the world’s best 72 hour survival kit, it so is safe to say that you are in good hands.

Ready America Emergency Backpack

If you are looking for the essentials, this emergency backpack is perfect for you. It comes at a low price of $ 40, while also providing survival tools that will get you out of an emergency. The bag not only contains a first aid kit, heated blanket, PPE and glow stick, but it also provides two people with enough food and water to last three days. It might not be as luxurious as some of the other options, but it will definitely get the job done.

Sustain Supply Co. Comfort 2 Emergency Bag

Sustain Supply Co. Comfort 2 Emergency Bag

Like the Seventy2Pro, the Comfort2 Emergency Bag from Sustain Supply Co. gives you enough food, water, water sources, and supplies to get you and a partner through that critical window of opportunity. 72 hours. Inside the contoured backpack you will find an all-purpose craft knife, LED lantern, emergency blankets, first aid kit, bundle of ropes, survival straws for the purification of the water, and more. Plus, a packet of bath wipes saves you from having to weather the storm smelling the corpse. It’s not as rugged as the Seventy2 Pro, but it costs less than half the price. To double your survival time, go to Comfort4 evacuation bag, which contains enough supplies for a family of four.

Unexplored Supply The Base Camp

Uncharted Supply The Base Camp Survival Box

This flagship entry from Uncharted Supply is for those who only opt for the best. And, really, when your life and that of your family might depend on it, what is a few hundred dollars more? New for 2020, The Basecamp packs everything a family of four could possibly need in a nearly indestructible Yeti GoBox. The mid-size cooler comes with survival tools when you need to start a fire in cold weather, chemical lamps, tents, first aid supplies and a host of other essentials that most of us probably wouldn’t think of never even to pack. our own DIY survival bag.

Echo-Sigma Return Bag

Echo-Sigma Get Home Survival Survival Bag

The aptly named Get the bag home Echo-Sigma is designed to help you – expect – get home safely after a 72 hour emergency. It is presented as a medium sized disaster preparedness kit with enough essentials for two. Inside you’ll find up to three days of food and water, a SOG micro-tool pliers, a flashlight, a compact first aid kit, and even an emergency tent. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in a military-inspired shell, because who doesn’t want to look good while running for their life?

72 hour survival kit for emergency zone / carry bag

72 hour survival kit for emergency zone / carry bag

The Ultra-Simple Emergency Zone Go Bag packs 72 hours of kit needed in any backpack no larger than a typical book bag that weighs around 15 pounds. Inside you’ll find pockets of filtered water, energy bars, and purification tools in case you need to collect and filter extra water along the way. The well-stocked first aid kit includes industrial-grade N95 face masks, as well as 100 types of wraps and bandages. Other basic tools include multi-tool, rope, flashlight, chemical glow sticks, etc. Go to the biggest, survival bag for four people for just $ 40 more.

Monoki First Aid Survival Kit

While not as comprehensive as the alternatives on this list, Monoki’s First Aid Survival Kit is an ideal clean-cut solution for future survivors on a budget. As the name suggests, its content is mainly focused on first aid and wound care. The 302-piece inventory also includes other essentials like an LED flashlight, emergency blanket, paracord bracelet, fire starter, and basic survival knife. For around $ 30, it’s hard to beat the price. It’s all wrapped up in a ready-to-ride, military-inspired MOLLE pouch that’s compact enough to toss in the back of your vehicle and forget about it until you need it.

The American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit

Red Cross

If cost is a concern, the simple Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit from the American Red Cross provides a simple list of survival essentials on a budget. It’s not as sexy or full as the others on this list, and it won’t get you through a full 72 hour seizure, but it’s enough to help you survive most basic 12 hour emergencies. . Inside you’ll find a hand-cranked flashlight / radio / smartphone charger, food rations, sachets of drinking water, a face mask, basic toiletries and, of course, a first aid kit. decent care.

What is a bug out bag?

Designed to get you out of a sticky situation, a bug out bag is all you need to last 3-5 days, conveniently packaged in a portable bag that can be ready anytime. With the events of the past year – and the storms of this year – you can never be too careful when it comes to evacuations. However, if you happen to find yourself stranded at home without electricity or water, a bug out bag could also help you overcome a residential emergency. The versatility of the bag is its greatest strength

Experts predict that extreme weather will only increase and probably in the future, so you can never be too prepared. Accordingly, we recommend that you get a bug out bag before the next hurricane season.

What are the 5 essential items for a bug out bag?

If you end up trying to make your own bug out bag, that’s fine too! Take a look at 5 essential items to have in any bug out bag that will keep you alive in an emergency:

  • Clean water: Whatever situation you find yourself in, make sure you have enough water for at least 3 days. Bottled water can skyrocket your bag weight and take up space – a personal water filter like the Life Straw is a great alternative.
  • Essential foods: The keyword here is essential. Think cliff bars and beef jerky rather than fries and candy. MREs can also be a good option, especially if it fits your budget.
  • Cold weather equipment: A reflective heated blanket is a great way to save space in your bag. Hand warmers and thick socks are also essential if you live in northern areas.
  • Fire starter kit: While it could be as simple as a BIC lighter, it wouldn’t hurt to have a traditional flint and shank firing pin. Here are some more tips for starting a fire in the great outdoors.
  • PPE: We live in an age of social distancing, so if you end up needing to spend time in a shelter due to evacuation orders, you’ll need a mask. Also, be sure to bring hand sanitizer.

For a more in-depth look at how to make your own kit, check out our guide to creating an Apocalypse-worthy bug out bag..

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