Tales Of The Walking Dead, Evie/Joe: things to note

Terry Crews as Joe – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1 – Photo credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

Tales Of The Walking Dead has begun! And, along with the debut of a new Walking Dead show, an all-new episode of Things To Note! If I’m honest, Tales from The Walking Dead is the show I’ve been asking for ever since years. Suppose you review some of my articles. In this case, I begged for webisodes or series of webisodes following character stories in the Walking Dead universe that we may have never met or that we have long since left the series and Tales of TWD is exactly that show.

The first episode introduced us to a new character, Joe (Terry Crews), an apocalyptic prepper in Ohio who, after losing his beloved dog, Gilligan, decides to venture out into the open world to reunite with a friend he… he had done before the outbreak, a fellow prep with the screen name “USHLDBSCRD” (you should be scared), who Joe says lives in neighboring Michigan. Along the way, he meets another survivor named Evie (played by Olivia Munn), who is too on her way to Michigan in search of her ex-husband, Steven, who has returned to his family cabin after a bitter argument.

What follows is something of a strange buddy/road trip story as the couple travel through Ohio and Michigan, only to run into trouble on the final leg of their journey. For our purposes, I’m going to go back and cover all the little details of this episode so you don’t miss them the second time around!

Are you ready? It’s time for the first episode of Tales from The Walking Dead: Things to note!

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