Strategists flyer: 10 things we wrote last week 2021

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We write about hundreds of products a week. Here in our version of the Sunday flyer, we’ve picked out some of our favorites – recommended by experts essential, life changing stuff you didn’t know you needed, newly launched gadgets, and the very good deals we found out while browsing the vast universe of online shopping last week, including the most “gooey” pizzas of Lance Bass freebies, a tough toss teething toy, and hand-dyed hoodies that give back .

Uniqlo x Mame Kurogouchi 3D Knit Split Front Ribbed Long Pants

In our last installment of Don’t DillyDally, we found several excellent collaborations. In addition to The North Face x Gucci boots and a Kacey Musgraves puzzle, there is this limited edition collection from Uniqlo and Japanese brand Mame Kurogouchi which includes “neutral color pieces that can be mixed, matched and matched. superimposed “. Everything is designed to “flatter the natural curve of the body.” There are short ribbed flare pants, flared sleeve jumpers and comfy long cardigans that we think could be worn both at home and on the go.

Gibson Sensations 16 piece stainless steel flatware set

Tableware is a staple of any kitchen, but sometimes you don’t want to cut a hole in your pocket by investing in a fancy set. We found a 16-piece set for just under $ 10 that reviews rave about it because it’s “really pretty and not cheap.” Another describes it as “a perfect set, of good quality and at a low price”. Due to its combination of low price and high quality, many reviewers like it for camping, dorm rooms, and small kitchens.

Simon Miller Vegan Bubble Clog

To find the most coveted items this giveaway season, we turned to a panel of trend forecasters for their predictions. Hallie Spradlin, Director of Accessories at Fashion Snoops, mentioned Simon Miller’s Bubble Clogs. It’s “an original take on a familiar silhouette, with its chunky shape that reflects more of the ‘ugly chic’ or ‘grand millennium’ trends we’ve been following,” she says. What’s better is that this vegan leather version will ship now (and is available in a cheerful cherry red and a mild mustard).

Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teething Mitt

Buying a 6 month old can be difficult with such a saturated market with baby toys, accessories, and books. To guide you to the best baby gifts, we spoke to four child development experts. Sarah MacLaughlin, social worker and author of What not to say: tools for talking with young children, recommend this teething glove for teething babies who really like tossing their toys. “It can be nice to make sure the toys stay with the baby,” she explains, “and because they put their hands in their mouths anyway, those funny little mittens could be a good solution. “

Samsonite Aéris 4.50 Kg. Suitcase

In our latest edition of Steal My Vacation, How to kill your life author Cat Marnell took us through a weeklong trip to Europe to celebrate her birthday. In addition to her detailed itinerary, she also gave us her packing list, which included her suitcase of choice. “I only use Samsonite Aeris, a hard case with buckles. Never, never zippers. Loops. Zippers are for, like … clothing. Delicate things, ”she wrote. “A suitcase is a utilitarian object. It should be so light that when empty you can easily lift it with one arm and throw it across the room.

ITS pocket first aid kit

Whether you are traveling, hiking, or just at home, a first aid kit should always be on hand. To find the best first aid kits to meet a variety of needs and budgets, collaborator strategist Stacey Dee Woods spoke to six disaster preparedness experts of their choice. John Ramey, founder and publisher of the modern prepper the Prepared website, considers many kits “almost always garbage,” but he likes some from specialist vendors like ITS (Imminent Threat Solutions) Tactical. This one has a clear, crush-proof case, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

National Geographic x Parks Project Legacy Tie-dye Hoodie

Photo: Jessica Lim

If you’re looking for a gift that feels good too, we’ve rounded up an assortment of over 40 gifts that help efforts like racial justice, food security, and women’s rights. One way to help protect and preserve public lands in the United States is to support the Parks Project, which makes donations and partners with a number of conservation parks to fund wildlife restoration projects and programs for visitors. He’s recently collaborated with “cult favorite Ursa Major and the Grateful Dead, but one of our favorites has to be this collection with the National Geographic Society,” we write. “Every purchase from the collection helps support the association, which provides grants to scientists, educators and environmentalists. Each hoodie is hand-dyed in Los Angeles, so no two are the same. “

Buddy's Pizza Detroit Style Pizza Squares (3-Pack)

“I had a friend whose mother died of COVID, and I didn’t want to send flowers. It was too cliché, ”Lance Bass, former NSYNC member told us. “Growing up in the South, the food was always comforting. It’s the right way to show condolences, gratitude, celebration – for every occasion, really. “He found these Detroit-style pizzas, which“ quickly became my favorite because they’re cut into those huge, deep squares with gravy and the stickiest but most crispy cheese on the outside. ”After l gifting to his grieving friend, he said: “It was the first thing to make him smile during such a horrible time.” And since then he has offered it to others. “Every person has me called and praised it Food can make you smile.

Disco Invigorating Body Wash

This time of year is always a good time to refresh your Dopp kit or that of the man in your life. But with so many options now available, it can be difficult to know which grooming products to buy. We’ve combed through our archives and put together a few new recommendations, including this eucalyptus-scented energizing shower gel. Strategist Daniel Varghese’s associate editor says it helps him feel less groggy while still hydrating his skin. “It’s so good that my roommates always steal it sneakily.” We got through the first bottle in about two weeks, which is crazy, ”he says.

Baggu Astrology Puffy 16 inch laptop sleeve

With Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday behind us, our deal writer Leah Muncy has spotted plenty of sticky sales. With discounts on a chunky throw and an Instagrammable Scrabble board, she found that Baggu’s astrology-themed laptop sleeves are over 30% off at Urban Outfitters. She says they would make “a great gift both for the teenager who enjoys posting his Co-Star horoscope and for the friend whose office wants them back on Jan. 2”.

The strategist is designed to bring out the most useful expert recommendations for things to buy in the broad landscape of ecommerce. Some of our latest wins include the best acne treatments, wheeled luggage, pillows for side sleepers, natural remedies for anxiety, and bath towels. We update links where possible, but note that offers may expire and all prices are subject to change.

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