Start Using This Christmas Prep Hack Now To Save Yourself From The Stress

Travis said it was a great hack for people with neurodivergent drugs – but anyone can benefit from this organization (Photo: @ bigbagoflittledonuts / TikTok)

Many of us find ourselves in a mad rush in December, spending the lead-up to Christmas in a whirlwind of wrapping paper and wish lists.

If this hits you, you’re probably already exhausted, although we’re now a few hours away from the big day itself – and that’s not good.

When you are stressed out with planning and rushing to get last minute gifts, you don’t have the chance to enjoy the celebration, instead spend Christmas exhausted and tired.

But there is another way.

We often hear about Christmas pickers going to Boxing Day sales to wrap next year’s gifts at discounted prices, and for the most part, we assume they’re super organized and a bit of a bargain hunter. . In reality, however, they have the right idea.

A recent video by Travis Manley on TikTok shows that there is a balance to be struck – and starting your planning now can save you all of the stress next Christmas.

Travis – who goes by bigbagoflittledonuts on the social media platform – showed how he sorts his freebies every year.

Captioned “I was tired of stopping at Walgreens on Christmas Eve,” the video shows Travis’ basement filled with labeled storage boxes.

“I keep garbage cans in my basement labeled with the names of my friends and family,” he explains.

Continuing, Travis says, “If I see something that I think they’ll like, I’ll buy it and keep it in the trash.

“When their birthday or Christmas is approaching, don’t rush to the store, just grab something from their trash and pack it.

That way, no panic buying – and you can spread the cost of Christmas and birthdays throughout the year. ‘

Easy storage solution drawers and baskets on the bookshelf

Store your gifts wherever you have space, making sure to label who they are intended for (Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Since Travis suffers from ADHD, he says this is especially helpful for him and could be helpful for anyone with neurodivergent who has trouble organizing themselves.

Regardless of that, however, it’s a technique that can be used by anyone who finds the lead-up to Christmas taxed.

You don’t need the large tubs if you don’t have space – an under-bed storage container would do the trick for most. Anywhere you can have it all ready to put under the tree next year.

To make things even easier, pack things up soon after buying them (with labels of course), saving you extra work for the future.

Many people who shop for gifts at the last minute say they have a hard time coming up with ideas, but that way you don’t limit yourself to just one burst of creativity for all of your gifts.

Now, whenever you think “ooh, so and so would love that,” you don’t wait until the holiday season when the idea is gone. Instead, buy it, then put it away for December.

Travis’s video has now been liked over 2.1 million times, so there is clearly a multitude of us out there who would love to get a head start.

“Wait, this is so smart,” said one commentator, while another wrote: “This is so thoughtful !! You think about them all year round!

That’s the beauty of this rolling way of preparing for Christmas; Not only does it reduce the stress level in winter, it also means that you get some really perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Just imagine their faces opening something they pointed out in a store while you were on vacation, or that unique piece that you knew would fit them like a glove.

That’s enough to get you back into the Christmas spirit – especially when you know you won’t be so exhausted next year.

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