Spooktacular fun on the Central Oregon Coast in Lincoln City


Spooktacular fun on the Central Oregon Coast with the events of Lincoln City

Posted 12/10/21 4:36 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

(Lincoln City, Oregon) – It’s the coastal city in central Oregon that collectively says “boo! ”

Lincoln City pulls out the ectoplasmic stops during the Halloween season, with a wide range of fun and unique, safe and socially distant gatherings and events. October brings Haunted Taft walking tours, a live Zombie Apocalypse archery arcade, costume contest, and a haunted house driving Spooky Spectacular to town. All of this spooky frivolity joins new and old attractions with their otherworldly sides, including the Harry Potter-themed Cheeky Caldron, the Siletz Bay Ghost Ship, the haunted Wild Flower Grill, and the legend of Devils Lake.

A whole bunch of events take place during the month. Here is a basic program:

Live Action Zombie Apocalypse Archery Arcade: Lincoln City Archery (1500 SE East Devils Lake Rd., Ste. 41) will host a live zombie apocalypse simulation from 5pm on October 18th, through November 1st. The players will work in teams, and the zombies will outnumber the players by a ratio of 2 to 1. The players buy lives, and the zombies will start 14 yards away, trying to take them away. Skillful shooting prevents zombies from reaching the “kill zone” and killing players.

Haunted Taft Walking Tour: Haunted Taft takes guests on a bizarre stroll through historic Taft in Lincoln City (from Sapphire Center, 4840 SE Hwy 101). Tours start twice a month in April each year and end every Saturday in October. Guests hear spooky stories, from the mysterious ghost schooner of Siletz Bay to a ghostly barefoot bartender in the oldest operated bar on the Oregon coast to pirate legends and pioneer exploits.

Beach Club Costume Contest: On October 29 and 30 between 7:30 p.m. and 11 p.m., the Beach Club (2020 NE 22nd St.) will be holding a costume contest with prizes. In addition, the group Vintage, renowned for their great dance music, will perform on both evenings. The Beach Club will charge a blanket of $ 10.

Spooky Spectacular Drive-Through Haunted House: This year, guests are invited to participate in a Halloween drive-or-treat experience at the Lincoln City Outlets Parking Garage (1500 SE East Devils Lake Rd.), Which will take place on October 31st. from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. A special sensory experience will be offered from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. All pranks and animations will kick off at 4pm, including spooky animatronics, smoke machines, music, and spooky interactive characters.

Cheeky cauldron, courtesy photo

Harry Potter-Themed Cheeky Cauldron (1640 NE Hwy 101): The Cheeky Cauldron is a Harry Potter-themed retail store that offers magical sorting ceremonies as well as Oracle and Teal Leaf readings. To celebrate Halloween, Cheeky Cauldron will be holding a costume contest throughout October. Costume photos are posted for their followers to review, with a winner announced on October 31. Plus, anyone who walks into the store wearing a Harry Potter-themed costume through the end of October will receive a discount on all purchases. Cheeky Cauldron will also be hosting a Hallows High Tea on October 30 and 31, in addition to in-person potions lessons and in-person and online tarot readings. More information on culotté.com.

The Haunted Attractions of Lincoln City

Siletz Bay ghost ship: One hundred and fifty years ago a ship drifted into Siletz Bay at the southern end of Lincoln City, and legend has it that – while the ship was fully stocked with supplies – there was no one on board . Until the early 2000s, the coasts of this schooner could be seen stealthily across the mudflats of Siletz Bay, before being completely engulfed by land. To this day, the Ghost Schooner is occasionally seen cruising the bay before disappearing into thin air.

Legend of Devils Lake: Something sprawling and mysterious is said to be lurking in the greenish depths of Devils Lake. Local Native American oral legend speaks of an “evil spirit,” an octopus-like creature that dwells in the lake.

Breakfast with Mathilde: Le Wild Flower Grill (4250 NE Hwy 101) has a resident caring spirit named Matilda, who enjoys opening and closing wardrobes. On one occasion, she rattled a locked door handle on an employee’s restroom, then pushed the door open without unlocking it, but no one was there. A witness claims to have seen Mathilde pass in front of him in the restaurant and disappear on the balcony.

Lincoln City Glass Center: Home to multiple hauntings, from the building’s varied past, guests at Lincoln City Glass Center (4821 SW Hwy 101) can see a 1940s milk truck, which appears on foggy nights, Baby G’s portrait, which was found in the building and now mysteriously moves, and tours of the commemorative glass art created using the ashes of the deceased.

Cozy port: The oldest permanently operated tavern on the Oregon coast, Snug Harbor (5001 SW Hwy 101) is home to ghosts of rowdy loggers and fishermen who make themselves known after closing, served by the famous Barefoot Bartender.

North Lincoln Haunted Historical Museum: Perhaps the minds of the city of Lincoln feel at ease surrounded by its history, as more than one has been felt at the North Lincoln Historical Museum (4907 SW Hwy 101). The former museum curator claimed to have heard “human” noises roaming the exhibits while working alone late at night. Psychics say a group will gather around the boardroom table on the second floor – perhaps reminiscent of when the building served as a meeting space for city council.

For more information visit: explorelincolncity.com.

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