Some idiot asked mini AI program Dall.E what the last human selfies will look like and good news, we’re definitely headed for a “Walking Dead” zombie apocalypse scenario

Metro – A TikToker asked Dall.E mini, the popular artificial intelligence (AI) image generator, what the last selfies on earth would look like and the results are chilling.

In a series of videos titled “Asking an Ai to show the last selfie ever taken in the apocalypse,” a TikTok account called “@robotoverloards,” shared the disturbing footage.

Each image shows a person taking a selfie against an apocalyptic background featuring scenes of nuclear wasteland and catastrophic weather, as well as burning cities and even zombies.

Dall.E mini, now renamed Craiyon, is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt.

The image generator uses artificial intelligence to create photos based on the text you have inserted.

The image generator is hooked up to an artificial intelligence that has been scouring the web for images for some time to “learn” what things are. Often it will derive this from the captions attached to the images.

What’s up everyone? I’m back with my weekly “old man shouting at the clouds” rant about how artificial intelligence is going to wipe our species off the planet and it blatantly tells us so and we continue to ignore it.

Look at this shit.

Does this sound like a good time for someone who isn’t “metal as fuck”?

No. Absolutely not.

What’s worse than the disfigurement in all of these beauties’ selfies is the devastation of the landscapes behind them.

This shit looks like a real nuclear winter to my virgin eyes.

Call it skynet, Boston Robotics, Dall.E mini, whatever you want. The bottom line is his robot scum and our man Stephen Hawking told us years ago, and Elon Musk is telling us now, that AI is going to be the end of all homosapiens. It’s us. And that’s fucking packaging.

ps – the only thing that could make a nuclear/zombie apocalypse worse is that song repeating in your head

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