Snowflake Mountain: 10 Best Quotes From Season 1

snowflake mountain is and is not what it seems. The reality series brings together a group of 20-year-old superparents and takes them off the grid under the tutelage of bushcraft/survival experts Matt Tate and Joel Graves. Dependent on each other for their sanity and success, the contestants are stripped of their safety nets.

Ultimately succeeding in its goal of instilling courage and self-sufficiency in its Gen Z cast, the series doesn’t so much poke fun at the contestants but forces them to examine their own immaturity. While the path they walk through is genuinely heartwarming, it comes with a plethora of statements that ring with the eye-popping absurdity that labeled them snowflakes in the first place.


Below the belt

“I should have worn pants, bro. I’m getting my D— Bit.”

Sunny wearing a Snowflake Mountain beanie and aviators

Separated with the boys on a mission to reunite with their new campmate, Sunny immediately felt the repercussions of wearing compression pants instead of something more protective. While everyone else was in tracksuits/windbreakers, Sunny’s sheer bottoms provided little more than gift-wrapping for hungry mosquitoes.

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Funny and unfiltered, Sunny’s admission of regret drew laughs from Matt and Joel and playful criticism from his team. Although he managed to brave the bugs and the wrong directions, his eloquently conveyed itch told of a moment painfully hard to forget.

drag the lake

“Funerals are more fun than Last Chance Lake.”

Salomon wearing a gray Snowflake Mountain hat

Solomon Patterson’s reluctance to change his attitude and his abrasiveness defined his tenure. Constantly combative, his early duplicity resulted in him (alongside Deandra Joseph) spending the night at Last Chance Lake. Arriving at two primitive shelters, a campfire and survival instructor Cat Bigney, Solomon was isolated and given a chance to reflect.

Although Solomon fought his way through a more traditional camp, instead of using it to grow like Deandra did, he sang of injustice and embittered himself to the point of returning home one more episode. late. Far from being a heartbreaking experience, Solomon’s preference for funerals casually shows just how spoiled he is.

Gobsmacked by the cat

“Out comes that beautiful Pochahontas Titty Goddess.”

Split Image Cat and Deandra Snowflake Mountain

The arrival of Cat Bigney, an expert in primitive skills and an anthropologist, was an event. With her hair in a bubble ponytail and teal arrowheads hanging from her ears/around her neck, Cat stunned the cast with her style and credentials before having them skin a deer carcass. No one was more enchanted than Deandra.

While Solomon playfully referred to her as “Ariana Grande carrying a knife,” Deandra’s unintentionally disparaging “compliment” is more about someone whose full image of Native Americans comes from a Disney cartoon. Cat’s presence in preservation and education (not to mention entertainment) is invaluable. Hopefully Deandre will use the weight of his words as an opportunity to educate himself.

A disappointing BM

“It wasn’t a real bathroom. It was a tent with a bucket of paint in it. And I S— in it. And I’ll never forget that.”

Devon and Solomon Snowflake Mountain

Finishing the first day of their two-day trek up Snowflake Mountain, the other cast members settled into base camp just as the sun set. Dropping their loads and setting up their tents, the highlight of the aforementioned camp was a private bathroom. Although a step up from the brambles, it wasn’t quite what anyone, especially Devon Smith, had imagined.

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Belly growls were an ongoing issue on the mountain climb. Admitting that Matt and Joel used the promise of a real bathroom to pick up his pace, Devon christened the tent paint bucket and told his campmates about his “luxurious” experience. When nature calls, even a bucket can be a luxury.

no baby

“I’m growing up. I shit outside in a wooden box. What do you want from me?”

Salomon Snowflake Mountain

There aren’t many moments of emotional growth for Solomon over his four episodes. His attitude is inscrutable and instead of listening to what anyone has to say, he gets defensive, making fun of everything from looks to cooking to the purpose of the show as a whole. .

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What Solomon is unable to fight is where he goes to the bathroom. With the camp sharing a perfectly adequate wooden outbuilding, he had no choice but to agree to defecate in a hole dug in a wooden stump. From digging latrines to getting dirty in toilets, Solomon’s only real exodus from his comfort zone was in the form of excrement.

A stage outing

“Look at this view. When are you ever going S— To such a beautiful place?”

Split Image Sunny and Randy Snowflake Mountain

The fear. The silence. The sweat. It was obvious to viewers that Randy Wentworth needed to use the bathroom while climbing the show’s titular mountain and he didn’t fancy doing it with an audience. Trying to work his way through his cramps, his struggles weren’t a secret for long, and Sunny gave him just the motivation he needed to let go.

Having already given up in front of his comrades after digging a latrine, Sunny’s words of familiarity comforted Randy to find a corner and relieve himself. He even had a two-fold moment with his crush Devon, who brought him some much needed toilet paper. Although there is never a pleasant time to go among a crowd, it is unlikely that Randy will ever have the opportunity to go to a more scenic setting.

A clean queen

“If you all think I’m going to wipe my vagina with a sheet, that’s not going to happen.”

Deandra Snowflake Mountain

Deandra’s early presence was a far cry from the strong-willed, supportive teammate she would become. With a suitcase full of makeup and “toys”, she packed her bags to be pampered. Coming to a social experiment in survivalism, her fears of a “p—- rash” weren’t exactly unwarranted.

A definite step up from a singular leaf, the Snowflake Estate provided a communal outhouse stocked with toilet paper and clandestine bins for their sewage. Uncomfortable but not quite Naked and scaredDeandra’s primitive paper concerns echoed everyone’s earliest anxieties.

Remixed Anatomy

“My heart is in my A-hole. My A-hole is in my mouth.”

Quizical Liam Snowflake Mountain

Liam Brown is the heart of snowflake mountain, so much so that it really should have its own spin-off show from the Netflix reality series. Funny, self-deprecating and more than a little sassy, ​​Liam’s honesty and encouragement consistently uplifts his castmates and provides the most entertaining testimonials for viewers. Newly announced as one of the final three competitors, its description is unparalleled.

Drawing laughs and hugs from Sunny and Deandra, Liam is able to diffuse a tense situation that could have turned friends against each other. Hilariously, his nervous energy proved to his co-finalists that they all feel the same and what really matters is that they all grew up together.

No vibration

“My clitoris doesn’t work in the desert.”

Deandra wearing a Snowflake Mountain bucket hat

Separated from her friends, family and familiarities, the importance of self-love never left Deandra’s mind. Whether it was packing a vibrator in her essential bag or admitting to feeling electricity from the branch she was riding while climbing a tree, sexual release has always been part of her space of head.

Speaking to Liam after their two housemates spent the night at Last Chance Lake, Deandra admitted trying to fill the loneliness with some “me time”. Unable to climax or find the right sensual space, her diagnosis of clitoral dysfunction through the wilderness is both absurd and an indicator that, regardless of sexuality, atmosphere means everything.

Thicc Arachnid

“I was like a spider up there. I mean, I was probably like a big spider, plus size spider, but I did it for my plus size crew.”

Liam Snowflake Mountain

One of Matt and Joel’s most impactful team confidence-building exercises, Liam scaled the tree presented to him with a speed and confidence that surprised even him. Fighting his way up to the treetops and onto the ground in celebration, Liam’s conquering his insecurities not only motivated his castmates, but also unlocked a new personality.

Liam’s energy was always uplifting, but now it was contagious. From lighting the fire to building tents, he struggled to help everyone overcome their obstacles and hesitations. Once a grandma’s boy, the new moniker “Plus Size Spider-Man” won the hearts of his crew and viewers alike with his cheeky descriptions and the true growth that followed.

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