Smallville: 10 characters that belong to other series

Creation in 2002, Small town ran for 10 seasons. In those 10 seasons, the main cast of characters endured everything from meteor showers and alien invasions to social unrest and betrayal. Small town introduced Superman as a teenager – showcasing heartbreak, friendships, and emerging superpowers.

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Small town has bolstered a strong collection of main and supporting characters, each of which was designed as an ally or foe for Clark Kent. Although Small town elements intrinsically borrowed from Superman’s greatest myth, the recurring characters of Small town were rich and malleable. Their talents and traits, while useful in the storylines featured on their original show, could prove invaluable if they were featured in another popular TV series.

ten Lionel Luthor in Game Of Thrones

Clark Kent Lionel Luthor Smallville

Lionel Luthor is a master of manipulation. He slowly took over Smallville with the resources of LuthorCorp, buying farmland and developing plants, and he often opposed his own son. His personality is mean. He’s ready to sacrifice something other than himself to get what he wants.

This kind of cruelty makes him perfectly suited to the world of Game of Thrones. Manipulation, lying and stabbing in the back are very common in Game of thrones’ world. In a place obsessed with claiming a throne of power, Lionel would thrive and maybe even win.

9 Bart Allen in The Flash

Bart Allen in Smallville

The CW Arrowverse shows have proven that the multiverse exists on more than one occasion with the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover taking it to whole new levels. Viewers have seen Grant Gustin meet Ezra Miller’s Flash before, so meet Small town‘s could be likely.

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Bart Allen is what Clark Kent would be without any burden or responsibility. He loves his powers, using them for selfish ends, which often annoys Clark. Bart’s carefree and childish demeanor would make him a perfect member of Team Flash. Flash recently featured his own version of Bart Allen. Fortunately, with the multiverse, anything is possible.

8 Lana Lang in Cobra Kai

Lana Lang Smallville

Whether she’s a meteor-infected vampire, possesses Clark’s abilities, or has no powers at all, Lana Lang is a strong person. In season 2 of Small town, after finding herself in too many perilous situations, Lana receives combat training from Lex.

She would continue to use these moves to disarm or defeat the meteor-infected villains of the week. Considering Lana’s desire for independence and power, and her combat ability, she would make a perfect combat instructor on Cobra Kai. In Cobra Kai, she may be a great teacher, but she is demanding.

seven Whitney Fordman in Blue Mountain State

Whitney at Smallville High

Whitney Fordman was a senior quarterback and star of the Smallville High Crows before joining the military. He was a social adversary, dating Lana for the entire first season and frequently intimidating Clark. Whitney possessed many of the stereotypical qualities of television bullying and was pretty much always stern and serious.

Considering his general demeanor and skills as a football player, Whitney could be a perfect comedy movie in Blue Mountain State. In a school almost too ridiculous to be realistic, an essentially grounded character like Whitney would fit in well with the over-the-top characters on the team.

6 Chloe Sullivan in CSI

Chloe from Smallville, played by Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan worked for Smallville High Torch, the school newspaper, reporting the unexplained events. Mainly, she reported people infected with Krypton meteors. She’s no stranger to things horror and science fiction and, like any good journalist, strives to uncover the truth.

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This motivation, combined with her growing computer skills and hacking abilities, makes her an ideal candidate to join the team on vs.IF. Chloe’s technological knowledge and experience with bizarre scenarios would make her invaluable in solving unconventional crimes.

5 Oliver Queen in Vikings

In Small town, and virtually every other incarnation of the character, Oliver Queen cannot be missed. His skills with a bow are unmatched. But in an age of Kryptonians, monsters, and demons, Oliver’s arrows seem a bit underpowered. He has the resources and the intelligence to back it up. But without overpowered allies, Oliver is outmatched.

Vikings is a series about family, clans and survival. It shows the historical and sometimes fictitious difficulties of the Vikings. Oliver, with his impressive marksmanship skills, would be a sought-after gem in this world of bows and arrows. He would be a welcome addition to any crew of Vikings.

4 Martha Kent in Stranger Things


In a set filled with superheroes and aliens, Martha and Jonathan Kent have always stood out as the most grounded characters who have therefore been grounded. Small town. They were the heart of Small town and acted as a moral compass for Clark, shaping him into the man who would become Superman. Strange things is another series of sets that Martha Kent would fit in perfectly.

Strange things introduces many parents and adults in supportive roles, offering examples and guidance to children. Martha, with all of her wisdom and benevolent encouragement, could bring a lot of hope to a show that touches on some horrific concepts.

3 Lois Lane in The Walking Dead


Introduced in Small townseason four, Lois Lane and Clark’s relationship starts off a little rough. But like her comic book counterpart, Lois would become Superman’s greatest ally. Lois is stubborn, determined, and willing to risk her safety for others. Her refusal to stop, even in the face of death, makes her such a strong character and someone the heroes would want by their side.

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Lois lived in a world overrun by Zod and the evil Kryptonians. Survive a zombie apocalypse in The walking dead shouldn’t be a problem. Lois would be the one to lead the group and make plans. She would also be the one who would volunteer to stay put so that others could survive.

2 Lex Luthor in the dynasty

smallville lex luthot 2 to 1

Dynasty is a show about forming alliances, eliminating competition and claiming inheritance. Lex Luthor knows all of these things all too well. Lex’s struggles with his father and LuthorCorp are well documented throughout the first 7 seasons of Small town.

Lionel Luthor is one of the main driving forces that bring Lex closer to the villain he would one day become. Lex may have good intentions, but the ruthless, power-hungry traits he inherited from his father keep him from being really good. Lex is smart and cunning and would thrive in the course of Dynasty.

1 Clark Kent in The Witcher

Young Clark Kent Saving Young White Boy From A Meteor

Clark Kent has faced formidable enemies, becoming more dangerous and powerful with each season, from General Zod to Doomsday and even the forces of Apokolips. He was able to defeat these opponents with the help of his friends.

Yes Small townClark Kent had to exist in the world of The witcher, he would participate in spectacular fights with the many horrible creatures. He would have to face powerful mages and wizards. Although rare, even in The witcher, mages wield one thing that would make battles with Clark very interesting: magic.

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