Six safety tips from a Mi’kmaw survival expert


People living on unceded land in the Metro Vancouver area are facing yet another big rain dump – 50 to 80mm – according to a rain warning issued this morning by Environment Canada.

The alert comes as people are already scrambling to recover from severe flooding and landslides that prompted the province to declare a state of emergency on November 17. Forest fires.

“What we are seeing is a slight increase … [of] no more problems which are obviously linked to nature. And it’s all linked to climate change, ”says Sakej Ward, a survival expert and Mi’kmaw warrior who says he spent years serving in the Canadian and US armed forces.

Last week, IndigiNews asked Ward to share lessons on how to prepare for an emergency – and what to do if you’re caught off guard in a dangerous situation.

We’ve summarized Ward’s top tips below (below the video, which shows our full interview).

In addition to these tips, Ward shared a few lists that he says are meant to be customizable based on your specific situation: Disaster Preparedness List, Evacuation Bag Systems, and Vehicle Emergency Kit. For more advice, follow Ward on Facebook and check out this interview with Pam Palmater on her YouTube channel, Warrior Life.


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