SIOPTO SCOUTER First Look: A midweight Red-Dot that balances


Until we reach a point where we get the floating views found in sci-fi video games, the red dot optic will always balance a line between the size of the optic and the field of view it has. offer. The Aimpoint T-1 Micro prioritized rugged construction and a small footprint, where the EOTech featured an impressive field of view that complemented its holographic reticle. The SIOPTO Scouter, exclusively available through Strike Industries, balances these two requirements, with a 20 MOA field of view, rugged construction, intuitive settings, one player with regards to overall size and assembled in the USA.

The frame makes the brain less active

One of the balancing issues that plagues red dot sights is how much the optic body obscures the shooter’s view. Use of the term balancing is not in vain, because there are two places where it is used: physics and video games. As for the physics: weight and mass, an ideal optic does not add weight frivolously to a complete rifle, rifle or pistol build, and its size does not preclude simplified storage for rapid deployment. , whether in a bug out bag, at home, or the armory.

But in video games, which are criticized for being inaccurate, while simultaneously influencing gun culture, they play a role in the perception of guns and accessories. In a game that allows the player to choose their optics, the amount of screen that the body of an optic obscures vision ends up being part of their assessment. How far this applies to the real world perspective needs to be taken into account.

siopto detector

The SIOPTO Scouter is not the smallest, nor the cheapest, nor the most innovative optics recently released. It doesn’t market on emotional grounds by forgoing all the cost savings by being fully produced, from design through materials and components to assembly in the United States. Instead, it balances those decisions to create a respectable optic, which integrates intuitive technological features into a simple sighting device that operates above its cost.


The 2 MOA LED red dot is within a 20mm objective field of view of the SIOPTO Scouter. Looking through the optic, the side walls and body of the optic are visible when an eye is closed. Unlike video games, which have yet to accurately represent the correct use of red dot optics; when both eyes are open, most of this obscuration disappears.

SIOPTO moderator

When evaluating the typical discoloration of red dot sights, the SIOPTO Scouter excels. The iconic blue tint typical of red dot optics is barely noticeable on the Scouter. The 2 MOA point spatters little and does not distract from its goal.

For technology, the SIOPTO Scouter incorporates both user preferences and utility. After 2 hours of inactivity, the point turns off but remains on standby until it is moved. However, for extended storage, if the user deliberately deactivates the point via the buttons, all motion activation technology is suspended. The user can then choose between leaving it in a ready state or the battery saving option. On the 11 levels of brightness, halfway, it indicates 2 years of autonomy.

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Using a 2032 battery is nothing new, and where many incorporate a pseudo-quick change option, the SIOPTO Scouter doesn’t play soccer with your tools. Replacing the battery requires the removal of four screws. It absolutely shouldn’t be done in the field, although we can count on one finger how many times this has happened in a situation very close to disaster, mostly due to previous laziness.

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The purpose of the SIOPTO Scouter is clear in its design. It exceeds the needs of many without overburdening them with costs. Does it offer an optimal red dot option at a competitive price? Yes. Does this call into question the qualities of optics capable of night vision? No. If we had started this assessment by weighing the cost of compatibility of less than $ 300 optics with + $ 2,500 night vision devices, that would be misleading.

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With the same footprint as the T-1 Micro, the SIOPTO Scouter can be attached to taller mounts for a more head-up shooting posture. With that red dot, the whole thing turns out to be more than a summary of its parts, as the price, clear glass, rugged design, and avoidance of proprietary interfaces translate into reliable optics that are visually distinctive for various constructions.

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Dimensions: 3.12 x 1.78 x 1.52 inches
Weight: 6.3 ounces with battery and stand
Body Material: 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
Brightness levels: 11
Dot size: 2 MOA
Adjustment: 1/2 MOA per click
Battery: CR2032
Battery life: 18,000 hours at level 6
MSRP: $ 250


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