Shops sell gas masks as Scots stockpile supplies amid nuclear war fears amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

A SURVIVALIST store has sold gas masks as Scots prepare for the threat of nuclear war amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

An online Preppers store – a store for people who proactively stock up in an emergency – has run out of protective face coverings after tensions escalated over the deadly conflict.


The Scots tear off the gas masksCredit: 7ProductGroup LLC
Prepper's Paradise directors Mark and Sharyn McInally-Johnston say sales are up


Prepper’s Paradise directors Mark and Sharyn McInally-Johnston say sales are upCredit: Sharyn McInally-Johnston

Those who fear Vladimir Putin has his finger on the nuclear button are believed to be preparing for the worst in the event of a disaster.

Sharyn McInally-Johnston, Director of Glasgow-based Prepper’s Paradise, says: “These concerns, no matter where in the world, naturally make people think about the threats they might face and we often see an increase in such purchases as a result. . .

“We saw an increase in sales of gas masks and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense products – we actually sold gas masks.

“While we haven’t had communication with every buying customer and their reasons, the common theme is the risk of conflict here in the UK and we expected that.

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“We started ordering more gas masks when the first news about Russia and Ukraine broke. Many of our customers are worried about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and are preparing for a threat in the UK.

“Many also follow conflict intelligence closely.”

She added: “Gas masks have many uses, they protect against the inhalation of harmful materials in the air, such as toxic dust, debris, gases, chemicals, nerve agents and materials radioactive in the air.

“Gas masks are not complete protection against radioactive exposure, you would need full CBRN suits to be as protected as possible against radioactive exposure.

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“Gas masks are the first part of CBRN defense and would only be useful away from the epicenter of a nuclear attack.

“A nuclear bomb from Russia could wipe out our entire nation, gas masks would not help in this situation, but have many important uses and protections.

“Gas masks would be vital during a nuclear fallout in another country where a ‘nuclear winter’ would impact nearby areas unaffected by the initial impact.

“Things that would protect in this case would be staying underground, with no external exposure, a protected water and food supply, gas masks, full CBRN suits, iodine tablets – to help reduce absorption by the body of radioactive materials – and radiation monitors called Geiger monitors.”

But Sharyn also wants to dispel some myths around the customers who use the services of her shop.

While clients often scoff at preparing for a supposed doomsday scenario, she insists that’s not the case.

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In fact, the company recommends that everyone always have supplies to be self-sufficient for at least three days.

She explains: “Our clientele varies widely, we have police officers, politicians, doctors, scientists, retirees, teachers, military, farmers and you name it.

“We also have some well-known celebrities and TV personalities.

“Preparation is often mistaken for an extreme hobby, but in most cases it’s the people who make sure they can take care of themselves and their families when faced with real dangerous or life-threatening situations.

“While prepared people don’t often ‘advertise’ to their neighbors, everyday people from all walks of life are preparing – but we’re also seeing a lot more ‘newbies’ looking for tips and advice on where start preparing.

“This is great news for the public and public services, as more self-resistant people put less pressure on emergency services in difficult times.

Gas masks would be vital during another country’s nuclear fallout

Sharyn McInally-Johnston

“It’s a real know-how that deserves to be recognized.”

Call center worker Mark McLean is a well-known picker and made post-Brexit headlines when he stored huge amounts of essentials in his Glasgow flat

Mark – who calls himself Prophecy Prepper and gives doomsday advice on YouTube – is said to have spent £2,000 on survival gear for fear of riots and disorder.

He is not surprised to see Scots stocking up due to conflict overseas, but urged people to buy sensibly and learn from the Covid chaos.

The 36-year-old said: “It’s always more worrying when it’s a nuclear superpower that we could go to war with. There are no winners with a nuclear war.

“I fear that with the extreme sanctions against Russia, Putin and the oligarchs, he is too involved to stop.

“When you’re so far into the dead end battle, the last option is to fight back and pull out guns – or in his case, burning nukes. That’s my concern.

“Russia could send their arctic fleet on us. Even launch the nukes where I think we get a 30 minute warning.

“Who knows what’s on Putin’s mind. I hope there’s an adviser in the Russian government who isn’t a ‘yes-yes’ and actually lets him see the meaning .”

Mark adds: “Since Covid we have seen panic buying in the UK and around the world. Fear of the unknown, but everything has been fine with supplies.

“But nobody’s kidding preppers now. This war in Ukraine has done more damage to the supply chain in two weeks than Covid has done in over 2 years.

“And if the war and the sanctions continue, it will get worse. So, like me, I urge everyone not to panic because it causes chaos everywhere.

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“Instead, over time, if you haven’t already, start buying some more from your stores and storing it in a designated area of ​​the house.

“Non-perishable floods, long lasting food and carry on as usual knowing you have a backup supply to use only in extreme circumstances. I’ve done that for the past two years.”

Putin has many countries that feel threatened


Putin has many countries that feel threatenedCredit: AFP
Mark McLean is a well-known preparer


Mark McLean is a well-known preparerCredit: Tom Farmer – The Sun Glasgow

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