Shelley Duvall performs after 20 years of absence in The Forest Hills

No one can ever forget the faces of fear Shelly Duvall referred to as Wendy, the terrorized wife of Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror masterpiece the brilliant. But after a string of stars starred in now-classic films throughout the 1980s and beyond, she all but disappeared from the spotlight.

Now Duvall is back after a 20-year hiatus, picking up low-budget indie horror flick as a place of emergence, with what The Hollywood Reporter described as a “cameo” appearance. At least it’s high-impact; as an NSFW trailer for The forest hills Below teases, her character’s first words are an urgently shouted plea to her adult son, Rico (Chiko Mendez), an introspective exhaustion that, incidentally, could also be moonlit as a wolf- were.

Check it out:

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“You are a fucking murderer, Rico! moans a distressed Duvall, leaving us to wonder how much the rest of the film might explore her seemingly unassuming role as an exasperated mother. If you spotted a pair of other familiar actor faces in the clip, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; both Terminator 2: Judgment Dayit is Edward Furlong and 1980s genre star Dee Wallace (who played Elliot’s mother in AND the extra-terrestrial as well as the female lead in a series of 1980s horror hits) are both key players in the film’s small cast.

Although Furlong and Wallace have remained active with roles in less high-profile projects in recent years, Duvall has been entirely absent from screen projects of any kind since her last film role, playing a detective in the film festival favorite from 2002. manna from heaven. “It was a lot of fun and I’m excited to be back,” Duvall shared with THR of his surprise return in The forest hillswritten and directed by Scott Goldberg (who previously worked in a series of horror shorts before producing and directing the docudrama Off the Grid: Survivalism and Frugality on Amazon Prime.)

The movie itself is about Rico (Chico Mendez), who is “tormented by nightmarish visions after sustaining a traumatic brain injury while camping in the Catskill woods.” synopsis tease. “Billy (Furlong) creates a horror reality for him by persuading Rico to follow his beliefs which plunge him deeper into despair.” Wallace plays a woman named Angela, and while the trailer doesn’t clearly define her relationship with Rico, it’s pretty clear that she shares the same core concerns about her life choices — and her sanity — that plague the character. by Duvall.

According to the trailer, The forest hills making its way to a 2023 release, though it doesn’t say if it’s in theaters or digital. Either way, it’ll be welcome fun to catch a trio of rarely seen genre stars unleashing together in a shamelessly bloody horror game.

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