Save up to 50% on Eberlestock gear during its 4th of July sale

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The quality of your pack can make or break you in the field. A bag that is too light will collapse in the face of sharp branches, heavy rain and full loads. A bag that is too heavy will strain your back and knees for a few miles. There are plenty of lightweight and strong premium bags out there, but they cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, you can get some of the best bundles for a reasonable price during Eberlestock’s 4th of July sale.

Eberlestock is considered one of the best in the business and has earned the trust of military and backcountry hunters. We’ve taken the liberty of combing through the company’s discounted products for you. Some discounts are bigger than others, but they are all tempting. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed, low-drag backpack, something bigger for long trips in the bush to find out what “reconnaissance” means, or an accessory to improve the operation of your existing bag, it there is something here for you.

This sale lasts longer than Independence Day, but it won’t be around forever. As of press time, there are seven days left and we have to assume that the products sell out quickly at these prices. Jump on the sale now before all the big prizes and patriotic gifts are gone.

These prices were valid at the time of printing, but prices may change and offers expire.

Price: Was $249, now $125
Seller: Eberlestock

Think of the Eberlestock Renegade as an Assault Pack – except unlike the one you were issued, it doesn’t suck. The features that make this a great pack for day hunts are also useful in more tactical applications. Quickly access things like binoculars and a canteen you’ve sneakily stocked with Red Bull using elastic side pockets. Add MOLLE pouches to the exterior and waistbands of the pack for more storage and organization. Attach additional gear under the pack to keep the center of gravity close to your body. The pack has an overall capacity of 29 liters and weighs 4.4 pounds. All of this is wrapped in versatile Mossy Oak Contour camo.

What makes the Renegade a big improvement over other day packs is the build you don’t see, but will definitely feel. Inside, a tubular aluminum frame supports the weight of the bag to create a stable package that puts less strain on your back. The suspension system distributes the weight over his and his shoulders while maintaining airflow between your back and the main bag. This type of design is common in high-end expedition packs, but rarely makes it into smaller day packs and assault packs.

At full price, the Advanced Renegade is worth the price of admission. At half price, this has got to be one of the best buys around. It would be nice to have more choices in terms of camo patterns and colors, but Mossy Oak Contour is versatile enough that you can probably make it work, especially in this type of shed.

Price: Was $599, now $449
Seller: Eberlestock

Want one pack to rule them all? The Eberlestock Skycrane II may be all you need. This workhorse packs multiple components into one package so you can strip down to nothing but a fanny pack or haul the whole enchilada to the farthest corners of the map. This modular configuration includes Eberlestock’s J79 Main Pack, G1 Little Brother and LP1 MultiLid using the Cam Expansion System. Choose from a range of camouflage colors and patterns to suit your mission or home environment.

Fully assembled, the Skycrane II offers 73 liters of storage and weighs 11.8 pounds. The premium suspension system makes this kind of load manageable, but you can also break it down to individual components depending on your mission. We have used many military and civilian backpacks of this size. Some, like those forced upon you by the military, are unnecessarily heavy and uncomfortable. Others, like the Kuiu Pro 6000 we tested, can’t be scaled down once you’ve established a base camp and want to take shorter rides. What makes the Skycrane II special is its ability to do everything exceptionally well.

Right now you can save $150 on your very own Eberlestock Skycrane II. Pair it with your supplied gear in Multicam or Coyote Brown, or build a bug bag with the color of your choice. It’s still a serious investment at $450, but you’ll basically be ready for anything and you can’t put a price on it.

Price: Was $35, now $30
Seller: Eberlestock

Maybe you are unable to replace your issued pack; maybe you have already found a personal pack that you like. But if you can’t keep those bags dry, you’re hard pressed to come if you can’t keep them dry. Rain can destroy your gear and prevent you from staying warm, even in mild weather. The water is also heavy, and you’d be shocked at how quickly the pounds add up when your bag is exposed to prolonged rain.

A simple rain cover can make all the difference, and this one from Eberlestock is a quality option. The featherweight rain cover is lightweight, durable and available in two sizes and three colors. There’s even a winter camo pattern available to transform your existing pack into a cold weather setup without investing in new gear. The savings are small because it’s pretty cheap, to start with, but we’ll take what we can get.

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