Saints Row: 10 ways the series can finally dethrone GTA


Grand Theft Auto is an open-world action adventure that defines the genre to the point that any other game with similar themes ends up being labeled as a clone. The Saints Street the franchise is installed RGT‘s shadow since its first release, initially beating RGT to punch in the sandbox genre of open world crime in the HD era in 2006, and gained its own cast of dedicated fans.

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With a little more push, the Third Street Saints could be about to finally shoot. RGT off its high horse and proving that not all gang-focused open world action adventures have to be clones and can instead fend for themselves, or even usurp the current king of the genre.

ten Lean more on the fantastic side of things

Gat Outta Hell

The Saints Street the franchise started out as a relatively straightforward game with a lot of realism. As he progressed the games got crazier and crazier. Since they now have the priority to go over the top, they should own it and lean heavily on the most fantastic things.

Let the Saints grab some really crazy weapons, get special abilities, start recruiting zombies, fallen angels, devils, demons and other vile creatures. Go all out, don’t shoot a single shot, and just cut one Saints Street-size hole in the genre.

9 Keep up with the awesome characterization

Saints Row the third characters

One thing the franchise is good at is coming up with some amazing characters. They actually become people the player himself becomes attached to and can sense Playa’s anger when something happens to them. In order to dethrone the mastodon RGT, they’re going to have to follow this staple and make sure their characters continue to be top notch.

It also doesn’t mean they have to do more with Johnny Gat, even though he’s one of their brightest stars. No one will be able to compete with Johnny in terms of wit, but maybe they could match him with an engaging characterization in his own right.

8 Bring more zombies

Saints Row The Third Zombie Horde

Even in the first game, zombies had their place. Calling Zombies Homies started with Zombie Lin and has become a staple. Eventually, there was even a zombie apocalypse in which Playa could decide whether or not to eradicate it, playing in some of the zombie minigames of its predecessors.

Combining the games with the zombie survival subgenre wouldn’t be too much of a leap for the series as it is and would certainly leave it to steer clear of. RGT.

7 Make it worth it to achieve 100% completion

Saints Row beating Gat

For a series of games that follow completion, Saints Street does not always succeed in offering substantial rewards for doing so. There is often very little reason to do more than just choose which upgrades to look for in order to make ending the game easier.

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So giving really substantial rewards for 100% completion would really help. Maybe an additional questline or rebirth of beloved characters, or even unlocking a new part of the map to explore would definitely be better than a few buffs that can never be used.

6 Have complex stories that flow together

Johnny Gat retrospective at Saints Row

The general intrigues of the Saints Street the game is doing pretty well after Playa in its ascent to the top. They also have extremely complex storylines and engaging scenes that make the player feel what the characters are feeling.

Due to the fact that missions rarely have to be completed in a strict order, it’s difficult to really tie them together. This unfortunately makes a lot of things disconnected. Having more missions that can be related or have different outcomes depending on what the player has already accomplished could really shake up the genre and get fans excited about it in a way that its competitors haven’t yet. really accomplished.

5 Make sure important events are referenced by NPCs

Saints Row Carlos Mendoza

Unfortunately, due to its more open-ended nature and the fact that few missions need to be completed in perfect order, important events go largely unnoticed by NPCs. Having more who come together or can unlock special lines would really help make the franchise stand on their own. Fans love this kind of attention to detail, and it’s often overlooked.

Sometimes major events are referenced in random rows or in later parts of the main storyline, but they are not very frequent. This sometimes makes games feel like no one else really cares what’s going on, when they should really be buzzing and excited for the next big thing.

4 Let beloved characters keep getting cameos

Johnny Gat Agents of Chaos

Johnny Gat is everywhere for a reason. Shaundi and Pierce have made themselves essentials. Carlos even made an appearance in a scene where he is in Heaven with other lost characters. Let the characters continue to appear on the references and in the background even if they are killed for the plot and there will be some very happy fans.

Players are going to remember characters far beyond remembering other small details, so leaving more content for favorites helps players who would drop out of the game on death keep playing so they can find them again. It’s something that would help give it a little edge over its competition, who seem to love killing characters for the emotional tug and then forgetting about them.

3 Explore various corrupt factions

Saints Row 2 Ultor Exposed

There are already a lot of characters on the show who are clearly corrupt officials, like Legal Lee. Saints Row 2 the Saints even dismantled the very corrupt Ultor Corporation, and in The third there is the possibility of using SWAT.

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Continue like that. Take down the corrupt factions that won’t ally with the Saints and recruit those that will. Build a whole corrupt empire, conquer the world and turn old good guys into pawns for money and power.

2 Introduce characters from very different backgrounds

Saints Row 2 has named defender Johnny Gat Legal Lee Gat on trial

Most of the important characters in the franchise started out low and joined the Saints for a sense of camaraderie. Very few of them started at the top and fell, or became corrupted throughout the game.

Expand the diversity a bit and have people from all walks of life come together in the Saints, from the kid dying around the corner, to the lawyer tired of getting stuck with impossible business, to the CEO of a mega-corporation. Bring different races, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds for the icing on the cake.

1 Stop limiting yourself to just one city

Saints Row 2 Ultor Exposed

While claiming to be an open world, the Saints Street games are limited to one city at a time. It will always be Stillwater or Steelport, never further.

Expanding the Third Street Saints empire beyond city limits, even if it’s just a county or state, would be a tremendous step forward. He might even go on and start spreading further into the country, the world, or even go completely crazy and go to space. The possibilities are limitless.

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