Return 4 Blood’s Ridden Beat L4D’s zombies in originality and potential


When it comes to zombies, it’s hard to innovate. Here’s why Back 4 Blood’s Ridden is more original and has more potential than L4D’s Infected.

Back 4 Blood is often called the spiritual successor of Left for dead, but when it comes to originality, Return 4 Blood’s Mounted win against Left 4 dead Zombies (also called infected). The difference between the two is striking, and not just in appearance. The Ridden as a concept are much more creative and original than the Infected of Left for dead.

When using zombies in media, whether in a movie, cartoon, or video game, it’s hard to make them original. They’ve been made so many times that they’ve become a trope, and no matter what kind of creative spin is applied to them, they still tend to be the typical corpses that come to mind when people hear the word. “zombie”. Therefore, most of their originality comes from their origins. Most forms of zombies come either from some form of magic or from a disease that spreads across the world. Left 4 dead the zombies, created by the game’s green flu, are one of these.


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Back 4 Blood‘s Devil Worms, an alien parasite, is the source of the game’s terrifying Ridden. The term Ridden comes from the fact that worms infest people’s bodies and “ride” them in order to infect more humans and kill all of them. immune survivors. A parasite certainly breaks the mold of magic or infection that most types of zombies typically have, and a space parasite is even less common.

How the rides are more original than the infected

Return 4 Blood Devil Worm in a Petri dish

The two Back 4 Blood and Left for dead feature Special variants, those that are mutated in order to better fight humans, but there is a big difference between those of Back 4 Blood and Left for dead. While the Infected have horrible special variants, the Ridden go above and beyond in terms of bodily conditions. They add extra limbs, tentacles, grotesquely stretched proportions, and a truly monstrous size. The infected, while horrific, are somewhat tame in comparison.

The world of Back 4 Blood also doesn’t look like the typical post-apocalyptic wasteland infested with zombies. In most modern zombie accounts, humans are scattered, unorganized groups who just try to stay alive and uninfected. Humans immune to the devil’s worms, known as the cleaners, have instead banded together to take over the world of the Ridden – they are playing a much more proactive role during Return 4 Blood’s campaign. They actively fight instead of just trying to make it overnight, which is rare among characters in a zombie apocalypse.

How Cavaliers Have More Potential Than Infected

Return 4 Blood Holly solo roadmap update

The potential of the Ridden also outweighs the Infected. The disease can’t do much, and although viruses are known to mutate and adapt, it’s hard to imagine that they change people’s bodies as much as the Ridden seem to be able to. The evil worms of Back 4 Blood are a completely unknown entity, who are seemingly on a mission to exterminate humanity and modify the planet for their own purposes, so it’s unclear what kind of horrific mutations they will then inflict on their hosts.

In addition, The Ridden gives Back 4 Blood more potential for the development of the story than the infected did for Left for dead. The Devil Worms are a seemingly smarter force than the Green Flu, so there’s a lot more to do with them in the in-game fiction. Instead of aimlessly spreading around the world like a virus does, they have the potential to be a smart, strategic foe that is a perfect match for the cleaners who work so hard to fight them. The possibilities of struggle between humans and the Mounted in Back 4 Blood are almost endless, which makes the prospect of future content exciting.

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