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In response to Something Fishy’s Going on at Fairway, Christine wrote:

Fairway roast chickens are always the best around.

The cheese counter is decimated. It’s still there physically but once you get close to it you’re disappointed. Forget finding your bold or delicate favorites – they’ve been abandoned.
Too bad for the fish and meat counters. Maybe they think nobody cooks anymore. People are, and more than ever because of the pandemic. Now, if I want fresh meat or seafood, I guess I’ll go to Whole Foods at 97th and Columbus. Or the real old fashioned butcher of 87th and Amsterdam. Or Chelsea Market seafood market, if I happen to be downtown. And thanks to the decimation of Fairway, I’m going to the Sahadis in Brooklyn more than ever.
Overall, Wakefern doesn’t seem to understand the UWS or that Fairway is for foodies. We value the experience, taste and skill of the cheese, fish and meat vendors (ok butcher, you know what I mean). We appreciate the gourmet. It used to be that when you wanted to be a real chef, you shopped at Fairway. Now it looks like Fairway shoppers can only be good suburban processed meal preppers. If I wanted to eat frozen or processed foods, as Wakefern seems to think we should, I would shop at Target or Trader Joe’s or become one of those people I see on TV. Wakefern are you listening? Poultry and potato chips won’t keep Fairway afloat.

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In response to the sudden closure of Frames For You: customers want their money and their artwork back, Marc wrote:

My wife just received an email from a woman who said she would be in the store from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm until next Wednesday, 1/19. I would suggest anyone with items to check it out!

NOTE: we called the store on Saturday and an employee came to pick us up (although we were hung up pretty quickly). Frames For You can be reached at (212) 874-2337.

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In response to a low-flying military aircraft spotted hovering over the UWS, “Jan6flyover” wrote:

It was shocking and completely unprofessional coming from these pilots. They failed to give their standard warning and flew too low, creating widespread alarm. I don’t know why this hasn’t been brought up by city officials, the mayor and the government. January 6 at 2:15 p.m. exactly is a deliberate act. These military pilots showed contempt for millions in apparent loyalty to the terrorists who stormed the Capitol a year ago. They should be punished for this brazen act. We deserve to know that any member of the military granted access to our airspace will demonstrate accountability or suffer consequences.

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In response to the scathing report from the abusive Upper West Side bar owner, “Anonymous” wrote:

I met Michael McKiernan at bar 1020 one day in 2021 and confirm from my interaction with him that he is a predator who likes to exploit vulnerable young women as he tried to target me. Michael McKiernan and Gene Steinhart must be investigated and charged. We must protect these women and all others.

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