Prime Day Deals for Preppers and Survivors

Upgrade your bug out bag or stock up on a few extra meals in your pantry during Prime Day. These offerings can help you become more prepared for survival situations of all kinds. Use these offers to add a few extras to your gear setup or to start your own survival setup. Whether you’re a generalist survivalist, love bushcrafting, or just want to prepare by having a survival bag stored in your car, many of these Prime Day deals will meet those needs.

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Prime Day Deals for Survivors and Preppers

Take advantage of Prime Day to stock up on emergency food. Not all Augason Farm food is on sale during Prime Day, but several of their staple items are discounted, including their 72-hour emergency food supply (22% off). Other freeze-dried food products are reduced by up to 60%. So whether you like to have a pantry of food on hand or in the event of a natural disaster, now is a good time to restock.

crank radio

Stay informed during natural disasters with this hand-cranked solar weather radio. Equipped with a flashlight and SOS function, it is perfect for traveling outdoors or in an emergency. The speaker is loud, clear and easy to hear. The waterproof design protects the radio from damage during storms. This radio can pick up weather updates from seven NOAA stations, making it easy to get the information you need when you need it most.

prep backpack (bug out bag)

Prepare a survival bag to keep in your car or store around the house in case of an emergency. The CLINFISH 70L backpack is on a flash sale during Prime Day and is a great size for survival. Having a 70L bag allows you to stock up on food as well as all-weather gear to ensure you stay safe and dry no matter where you end up. There’s plenty of storage, pockets and mounting points to organize gear and it’s waterproof.

survival kit

This compact survival kit is perfect for storing in an emergency kit of any type. It can work well as a backpack, in a car kit, or even in your bug out bag. It comes with a variety of items that come in handy during survival situations and there may be room in the case to store a few extras. The EILIKS Survival Gear Kit makes a great gift for any scouts you have in your life or a loved one who loves outdoor adventures.

survival kit

If you are looking for a more intensive survival and first aid kit, this one is quite comprehensive and comes with a durable carrying case. We love this survival kit because of the variety of items it includes. It may be necessary to bundle some of the first aid supplies, but for what’s included, it’s a great place to start. The tools are practical and durable, and with nearly 50% off, you can’t beat the price.

emergency sleeping bag

A survival bivouac or sleeping bag is essential in any emergency kit. The Don’t Die in The Woods Sleeping Bag is a great option that can be used as an emergency blanket or bivy. We don’t suggest you use it to replace a standard sleeping bag, but in an emergency, this bag can help keep you warm enough to stay alive. It’s ultralight, waterproof and compact, so it won’t take up much space in any kit you add it to.

gravity filter

Having clean water is a necessity and an expectation of life. When you are in the backcountry or in a survival situation, having a filter that filters enough water for cooking and drinking is very useful. Gravity filters are a convenient, low-effort choice to help you save energy for working on other things around camp. The SimPure Gravity Filter is over 50% off during Prime Day and is claimed to remove approximately 99.99999% of bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, and microplastics.

Knife set

The WORKPRO Ax and Knife Combo is a great find for a survival or hunting kit. Both the ax and the knife are full tang blades with very ergonomic handles. The sheaths are durable and the knife sheath can be easily attached to a belt or bag. They are corrosion resistant and easy to sharpen and clean. This great little set can give you lots of peace of mind in the backcountry or as a useful set while camping.

solo camping stove

Any camping stove is useful in a survival situation, but one that relies only on natural materials like twigs and pine cones is even better. The Solo Stove Campfire Portable Stove is small and light enough to carry around like a traditional backpacking stove. Instead of having fuel canisters, all you need are twigs, leaves, pine cones, or wood. The unique double wall creates clean carbonation and secondary combustion to cook food and boil water in 2-4 minutes. There are several Solo Stove deals during Prime Day worth checking out.

LumenAid Lantern

The LumenAID PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Solar Lantern and Charger is a compact, lightweight lantern perfect for any type of backpacking setup. It is easy to carry and load. Although it can be charged with a USB cord, the small solar panel keeps it going even when you’re off the grid. It comes with five light settings and when running on low heat it can run for up to 100 hours.

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