Prepper Supplies Locations ‘Fortnite’ Hayseed’s Farm Guide


by fortnite The Legendary Challenges for Season 7, Week 6 went live this morning. Players will find themselves taking on various farm and / or UFO themed challenges this week.

One of these legendary quests requires players to place preparation supplies at Hayseed’s Farm.

The farm is located directly east of the Corny complex, and once you arrive there are five different places to place the Prepper supplies. You’ll only have to place one, so it’s a pretty easy quest, although Hayseed’s farm could be a bit more perilous this week.

See where to place the cow decoys here.

Here are the five locations for Prepper supplies:

Once this quest is complete, you can continue to solve all of this week’s other Legendary Challenges. Remember, you only have a week before they are gone forever and a new bundle is live.

Here are all of this week’s Legendary Challenges:

  • Step 1: Get Slone commands from a payphone (1)
  • Step 2: Place the Prepper Suppliers in Hayseed’s Farm (1)
  • Stage 3: Deal damage to opponents on farms (25)
  • Step 4: Use an Inflate-A-Bull (1)
  • Step 5: Placing cow decoys on farms (3)
  • Step 6: Damage an Alien Saucer (25)

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