Prepare for disaster with this radio

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Preparing for disaster is an invaluable skill, but it’s not always accessible. Even with modern technology like cell phones, when these run out of battery, who can you turn to?

If you’re someone who wants to be prepared for even the most extreme conditions, then you’re in luck. Right now, you can purchase the American Red Cross FRX3+ Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio at a hugely discounted rate.

The American Red Cross FRX3+ is a hand crank rechargeable weather radio with solar panel and hand turbine generation to keep you ready in case of an emergency or disaster. The alert feature automatically broadcasts all emergency weather alerts near you, giving you the flexibility to plan and adjust accordingly. It also works as a generator, display and alarm clock, LED flashlight, and more. Plus, the FRX3+ receives all 7 digital AM/FM/NOAA weather radio bands, so you’ll be able to hear what’s going on no matter what emergency you’re in.

With so many features, there’s no shortage of rave reviews for the American Red Cross FRX3+ Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio. It’s Amazon’s choice, with 4.6 out of 5 stars. One verified customer liked the solar power option, saying, “The solar charger works great. I’ve only had to use the crank (which really works) once and that’s because I left it in the shade. It’s light, small and works great in our RV. Another customer loved the size and said, “This item is amazing. Good price and perfect size (not too big) to keep in a bug out bag. I have tried every feature on this radio and everything is A1 and working perfectly.

Right now, you can prepare for disaster with the American Red Cross FRX3+ Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio, available for just $44.99. That’s a 55% markdown from its $99 MSRP.

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