Pregnant Chloë Grace Moretz resists robot apocalypse

Mother / Android

The robot apocalypse can be so annoying at times. Of course, we all like to imagine that when the hordes of machines come looking for us, we’ll be in perfect shape, ready to fend off cyber armies with all the grace of an Olympic athlete. But the harsh reality is that some of us will be in a slightly rougher shape than others when the digital hammer falls.

So the premise shown in the trailer for Mother / Android, a new Hulu movie starring Chloë Grace Moretz as a young woman forced to navigate a world overrun by robots while being several months pregnant. Euphoria‘s Algee Smith stars as Moretz’s partner, trying to transport her and their future child to Boston, which has sort of become America’s last safe city despite all those terrifying robot dogs from Boston Dynamics. just there.

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Interestingly, and despite a lifting of the machine and a young woman fending off evil robots during her pregnancy – there is not a lot of Terminator evident in the DNA of the film. Instead, director Mattson Tomlin seems to operate mostly in zombie movie territory: The titular androids look mostly human, and their primary battle tactic seems to be running over people as fast as possible to tear them apart emotionlessly. .

There is also a good dose of A quiet place mixed up too, as Moretz’s pregnant protagonist Georgia struggles to move silently around the semi-perceptual cyber-zombies. None of this is necessarily bad – the basic allure of watching someone who is simultaneously in a state of vulnerability and who has something she desperately wants to protect is a no-brainer.

We will know if Mother / Android may in fact justify this moving premise in a few weeks time, when the film, which is produced by The batmanby Matt Reeves, plus Adam Kassan and Rafi Crohn — debuts on Hulu on Friday, December 17th.

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