‘Planet Lazarus’ Could Raise The Dead In The DC Universe

With the announcement of DC’s latest event, “Lazarus Planet” comes potential game changes for the ongoing DCU. One of the stories featured will involve massive changes in Earth’s population. After a volcanic eruption coats the planet in Lazarus Resin, the substance causes people to develop powers or alters existing ones. However, much is still unknown about exactly what will happen in the new event, and the original resin power could come into play in some truly gruesome ways.

As confirmed in harley quinn #22 (by Stephanie Phillips, Matteo Lolli, Davvid Baldeon, Rain Beredo, AndWorld Design), despite the changes made to them over the past few months, Lazarus Resin can still raise the dead. If so, then by covering the Earth in resin, it could cause a mass resurrection of the planet’s deceased, adding an army of undead to the chaos.

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Harley Quinn Confirmed Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazarus Resin Has Changed

The Lazarus pits have never been reliable, even at the best of times. However, after being exposed to the Great Darkness and recent interference from Nezha, they have become so unstable that even the League of Assassins don’t want to use them anymore. The great fear was that the pits would not bring back the dead, but would bring horrific changes to the resurrected person. Lazarus Planet certainly validates those fears, but on a much worse scale than anyone could have imagined.

However, when Harley was dropped into the pits, their stock feature still seemed to work fine. She was successfully revived, but there seems to have been a violent change in her personality as a result. In the past, it was not uncommon for using a Lazarus Pit to drive someone temporarily insane. But in this case, Harley was lucid and seemed to relish the idea of ​​violence against the individual responsible. If so, then any undead potentially brought back to Lazarus Planet might be prone to random kills.

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DC’s ‘Planet Lazarus’ Could Be Affected By This Change

The changes that will come to the living are already one of the biggest questions to come. However, if the dead return as wekk, then you have to think about how it can take shape. After all, it’s not total immersion and the majority of Earth’s dead are buried underground, so only a tiny amount of the already heavily dispersed resin could reach them. This in turn could only result in a partial resurrection. DCU Earth is a big place. If this happens, the planet is about to fill up very quickly.

Of course, there could be beneficial consequences to all of this. People recently deceased and/or murdered could be brought back. People with mortal wounds could be healed during the scatter. These are some of the potential benefits should such an event occur. It all depends on whether the resin retains its restorative properties during the eruption.

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